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The streets of Philadelphia were empty on election night.

Credit: Carter Coudriet

As the results of Tuesday night's presidential election came in, one city stood in shock.

The city of Philadelphia, whose citizens voted over 82 percent for Hillary Clinton according to The New York Times, was silent as Republican nominee Donald Trump — the President-elect of the United States — won swing-state after swing-state.

"Racism and sexism is alive and well in this country," said Eric Wold, who works at the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, as he sat outside Independence Hall after midnight. "Much more so than we ever thought, and apparently all that was needed to bring it forth was a lightning rod, and that lightning rod was Donald Trump apparently.”

Wold and his wife Sarah, two of only a handful of people who occupied the Independence Mall that was so jubilant the night before, came to the landmark to clear their heads and contemplate.

"I never would have imagined I would have been sitting here with tears in my eyes on the evening of this election watching something unfold that the people who created these symbols of democracy could have feared, but not probably imagined would happen," Sarah said.

Few others decided to introspect outside their rooms while watching their home state — which was not called until after 1:30 a.m. — ultimately go for Trump by more that a full percentage point. However, the ones who were around did not wait so long to criticize.

"It was her crime bill that put us in jail, and it was her that called us super predators," said Nolan Brown, referring to comments Clinton had previously made on African Americans. "With the two choices I really didn't even care"

Of President-elect Trump, Brown said that he was not surprised that he won, but that he expected "Impeachment. At least we can all get behind that."

While the city skewed blue, Philadelphia was not devoid of celebrators.

"We’re all Trump supporters," said Will Ritzeke, a freshman at St. Joseph's University joined by a few friends. He added, “I think both candidates are unqualified, and if Hillary ran but another Republican won, he would win. If Trump ran, and like another year a different Democrat won, they would win. But since the two are so incompetent, it’s like the lesser of two evils.”

Whether or not the city would have been abuzz with celebration if Clinton had won, the world will never know. But there was little love to be found early Wednesday morning on the streets of the City of Brotherly Love.