City Hall in Philadelphia.

According to a report by, the city announced on Tuesday that it will spend an additional $700,000 to provide beds, job training and employment support for homeless youth aged 18-24.

The contract with private providers will go towards 50 beds, job training for 75 youth and counseling and mentoring services for 40 LGBTQ people.

The last investigation found 527 young people living in emergency or temporary housing, with an additional 25 on the streets. According to the report, one in every 20 high school students in Philadelphia has experienced homelessness.

The Department of Human Services reported that in 2015, 252 young adults came out of foster care without a permanent housing situation. quotes Councilwoman Helen Gym as saying, “We are here to tell our most vulnerable young people, our children, that they matter, that we care, that we are there for them… They won’t face their challenges alone. We’ll be standing up as a city with them.”

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