Credit: Alex Fisher

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, for the first time in his campaign so far, Donald Trump voiced his plans on tackling the costs of higher education.

Trump laid out three major proposals at a rally in Columbus, Ohio last Thursday.

Under the first proposal, borrowers pay back a maximum of 12.5 percent of their income. All remaining debt is forgiven after 15 years of consistent repayment.

Trump also advocated against “administrative bloat” where institutions must dedicate large amounts of their budgets to comply with federal regulations. The Republican nominee pledged to cut costs of compliance so that universities can pass the savings on to students.

Thirdly, Trump targeted institutions with large endowments. He questioned whether these endowments should be allowed to be kept tax-exempt, stating that “some schools are paying more to hedge funds and private-equity managers than they are spending on tuition and tuition assistance.”

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