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Is this a compliment?

An article from Hidden City Philadelphia — a publication that focuses on "the city’s most remarkable places" — called The Daily Pennsylvanian office the "Classiest Shed In University City."

4015 Walnut Street, whose current inhabitants include the The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc., the University Records Center and Metro Bakery, was originally designed in the 1920's by renowned architect George S. Kingsley, according to Hidden City Philadelphia.

"The facility on Walnut Street was used for both storage and the offices of Atlas Storage Warehouse Company," the article said. "The façade — a Greco-Roman inspired glazed terra cotta skin over a granite base and fitted with luminous, stain glass windows — was designed to attract the company’s target clientele."

The DP's leadership doesn't really know how to take this.

"I'd say that our particular office is neither particularly classy nor shed-like," said DP President and Wharton senior Colin Henderson. "But it's also crazy to think about all the other stuff stored and going on in the building."

He added, "I definitely wouldn't say there's anything 'Greco-Roman' about the inside of our office."

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