College senior Ashley Terry's Baltimore Ave room over the summer had a floor so covered in dirt that it appeared brown.

Credit: Julio Sosa , Julio Sosa

Students who move into off-campus residences at Penn never know what they might find..

Just your average hole in the wall:

2015 College graduate Brianna Gardner was part of a lineage of residents with a tradition of kicking holes into the wall of their house while swing dancing. The tradition was passed on through the generations when “bigs” taught their “littles” how to do the damage. One night, when the police came to shut down their party, Gardner and her friends taught the cops how to swing dance, and then were allowed to continue their festivities.

Diving into a new home:

College sophomore Rebecca Composto was surprised when she moved into her off-campus home — formerly owned by members of the men’s swim team — to find a life-size diving board in the living room. Additionally, in the house’s fridge, the boys left a cinderblock that they used to store bottles of beer.

Floored by the dirt:

When College senior Ashley Terry moved into her room in Penn’s Baltimore Avenue “Band House,” she decided to clean the seemingly brown-colored floor of her room. After some light sponging, she learned that the floor wasn’t brown at all — it was cream-colored, but had been languishing in dirt for so long that it actually appeared brown.

Locked into your housing:

For Nursing juniors Alyssa Young and Jackie Nikpour, the decision to sublet a single room from a a house previously inhabited by members of Penn’s men lacrosse team didn’t seem like a dangerous one. But when they arrived, they found that there were six inches missing off the bottom back door — just enough for someone to crawl through — not to mention that the basement was filled with drawings on the walls and could be locked from the outside.

An unwelcome undergarment:

When College sophomore Laura Kuder returned to the room she had sublet to an acquaintance over the summer, she moved some furniture around only to find an unwelcome surprise — lying behind the bed was a mysterious black thong, apparently left there by the previous occupant. The next morning, the thong went into a plastic bag and out the door with the trash.

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