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 "And you love the game"

Evolution favors the selfish, a study from the College found. Researchers Joshua Plotkin and Alexander Stewart conducted an in-depth analysis of the classic game theory concept of "the Prisoner's Dilemma," where individuals decide whether to work together or pursue their own self interests in order to gain the greatest payoff. The study found that in an evolving population, adding flexibility to the game — to make it more realistic — causes players to pursue self-serving strategies. This research overturns Plotkin and Stewart's previous work, which argued that only generous strategies could persist in a long-term game. 

He's Just Accurately Into You

Psychology Professor Robert Kurzban teamed up with a researcher from Texas State University to overrule the idea that men overestimate women's interest in sex. The team conducted three studies where they asked men and women what certain behaviors imply when on a date. Their findings concluded that male responses largely matched up to what women thought they were indicating. 

You've got to be kidneying me

Perelman School of Medicine researchers have found a promising new strategy for combating Chronic Kidney Disease. The study discovered that restoring the energy supply of certain kidney cells can help prevent CKD. These findings are especially pertinent since current treatments can only moderately slow down the disease's progression to kidney failure.

Icing your wounds

Findings from a new study can help predict the severity of post-concussion symptoms in professional athletes. In their research, a team from the Perelman School of Medicine drew blood from concussed ice hockey players and evaluated them for their subsequent symptoms daily. The players who experienced more severe concussion symptoms were more likely to have elevated levels of a brain enriched protein known as SNTF. 

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