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Leong Ying, a nuclear physicist, business development manager and author, is scheduled to speak at the Wharton China Forum this Saturday about the American and Chinese shale fracking industries.

But besides his study of shale fracking — the extraction of natural gas from shale rock layers — Ying is also interested in God. Specifically, he wants to prove God's existence.

At the Wharton China Forum, Ying plans to briefly introduce his upcoming book, "From Newton, Einstein to GOD," in which he chronicles his journey from being an atheist to discovering the “Twin Universe Theory” to prove God’s existence. He said that his theory could be verified by experiments that show there exists a world parallel to our own.

While Ying's talk will mostly revolve around his work at Thermo Fisher Scientific developing an environmental monitoring system and advising state regulators on how to regulate and minimize chemical contamination from shale fracking, Ying considers his work on the Twin Universe Theory to be his true calling.

“Growing up, I was an atheist and I considered science my religion.” Ying said. “It was only 10 years ago that I realized there are things science cannot fully explain, like dark energy and dark matter. At this time, I discovered my Twin Universe Theory, which covers data and experiments from the entire spectrum — from cosmology to high-energy physics — to prove the existence of God and to explain other unknowns of the universe like dark matter.”

Ying believes that his one “scientific God” can be best understood as “consciousness” itself, and that this God is relevant to all people and all religions. “I personally believe that humanity is not morally self-controllable and we need a higher-order being to believe in and aspire to,” Ying said. “I believe the combination of religious faith and scientific proof will be the ultimate solution that humanity requires to survive and reach higher levels of being and consciousness.”

Ying’s book on proving the existence of God will be released Jan. 13, 2015.

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