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To the editor,

In your 'Under The Button' September 23rd blog post, "Econ TA has 'Dun Goofed'", you made a number of erroneous claims and omissions. I would like to set the record straight on behalf of the anonymously maligned (yet, I imagine, dashingly handsome in a dark and mysterious sort of way) economics TA in question.

The truth of the matter is that we all make mistakes. Some of us cause billions of dollars worth of damage. Some of us slightly confuse a classroom of 25 students. (Although based on their recent homework submissions, I hesitate to use the word "students.") I say, let he who is without sin be the first to attempt to define "elasticity." Have you ever even taken an economics course? I'm like, 80 percent sure that elasticity is an elaborate hazing ritual.

This anonymously maligned (yet, I imagine, brilliant and physically beautiful, as well as currently eligible bachelor) economics TA should praised be for correcting his (or her!) error in a timely manner, not suffer these poison pen attacks from your scurrilous rag. Shame on The Daily Pennsylvanian, and shame on Raquel Banks, whose tweet immediately following her post (" Omg it's my first byline!!!!!!!") suggests at least one silver lining — it cannot fail but to be uphill from here in Raquel Bank's no-doubt promising journalism career.

Credit is due where credit is due, though — I commend you for censoring identifying information about the TA in question — with perhaps the exception of his (or her?) unique identifying course number. (But who has time in today's rat-race, dog-eat-dog, hamster-wheel world to bother with the 10-second course search that would allow one to find his (or possibly her?) name, class location and time. Not me -- I barely have time to hurriedly look up definitions on Wikipedia. But I digress.)


Nick Janetos

TA, Econ 001-205

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