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At the tail end of 2010, I was at a crossroads in terms of my commitment to The Daily Pennsylvanian, alongside both Brian Kotloff and Megan Soisson. All three of us had been associate editors and were on track to take the next step and become Sports Editors, but each of us was concerned about the sacrifice we would be making in doing so.

As full-timers, we knew there would be countless hours spent in the office basically every weekday. And while we enjoyed editing, we weren’t sure we enjoyed it that much. Plus, there were usually only three total editors in the department, and returning All-Ivy junior Cal Silcox was a shoe-in for the Senior Sports Editor position.

Ultimately, though, Pat Riley Silcox wined and dined us, presenting us with an offer we couldn’t really refuse — a package deal of “The Big 3,” taking our talents to 4015 Walnut St. with the Silcox.

We signed our contracts, even taking a pay cut to make the deal happen (no, really, we had to), but it was easily one of the best decisions I made at Penn.

All of a sudden, I was working with an extremely strong and talented group of writers and editors across all departments on a daily basis. I was part of a team that was intent on leaving our mark. A revamping of both the content and design of our sports blog, a renewed social media push and a Blarney Stone sponsorship deal were some of our best accomplishments. And along the way, I had the chance to witness some incredible sporting events.

Yes, even though Penn may not be known as the most sports-centric school, I got more than my fill of hoops — my passion. I saw a beleaguered Penn team upset a Sweet-16 bound Cornell squad; I saw Rob Belcore frustrate a Harvard star by the name of Jeremy Lin; and, amazingly, I had the opportunity to sit courtside at the Palestra as LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul took on Team Philly this past September.

These are some of the memories I will carry forward, and I know my DP experience will serve me in the future. And for that alone, I have to extend my thanks (and this is on behalf of Kotloff as well, since most people think we are the same person).

To the clowns from 3929 Pine for constantly ribbing me about The DP (no, you guys can’t write guest columns, and no, this article does not include a secret, hidden code directed only to you) and to all my other friends for their support and friendship:

To all the editors and writers I have worked with, for their dedication and sacrifices for the paper:

To Calder, Lauren Plotnick and Michael Gold for their leadership as Sports Editors and for pushing me to become an editor myself:

To the Silcox, LeBrian and M. Sois for their friendship and tremendous work over the past year (I’m still not the Bosh, though). Also, momentum:

To Megan, the runt of our litter, for stepping up to Senior Sports and to Alyssa, Sush and Mike “Wiz without good taste in cheesesteaks” Wisniewski for taking over the operation and leaving their own mark:

To AComm, for their cooperation, time and patience with me and the whole sports section over the past four years:

To coach Rudy Wise, for giving me the opportunity to play JV basketball this year and for having the self-control to limit his DP jokes to just one per practice:

To my JV teammates, for their friendship and support (and good luck next year):

To coach Allen, and coaches Leibovitz, Martin and Wise for somehow managing to let me suit up for a game even though you guys were in the midst of a critical stretch of the season (I’ll never forget it!):

To China House, D.P. Dough and New Style Pizzeria for their culinary expertise and world-class service:

To all the student-athletes and coaches with whom I’ve worked, for their patience and time:

To my family, for their support and for at least pretending to read my articles (“Wait, so you just Google, ‘Kevin Esteves Daily Pennsylvanian’ to find them??”):

And to the readers, for supporting what we do and not only using our paper as a makeshift umbrella:


KEVIN ESTEVES is a 2012 College graduate, JV basketball team member and former Sports Editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian from The Bronx, N.Y. After graduation, he hopes to land a position in the sports industry. He can be contacted at

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