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As a co-pastor of the Lovin’ Life Ministries of Philadelphia, a contemporary ministry of the Unification Church, I am disappointed by the portrayal of the Lovin’ Life Ministries in an article (“‘A darker side’ for some religious organizations on campus,” 04/06/2012), in which I am quoted.

The article states that “certain new religious movements use ‘high-pressure’ tactics to attract and keep their members.” However, where is the evidence that Lovin’ Life Ministries uses ‘high-pressure tactics’?

I would like to make it very clear that we do not use any such tactics. We are a ministry for peace, which we believe requires people of all faiths, cultures and races to work together to achieve. In line with this, our services and programs welcome people of any background — religious, racial, cultural or otherwise. We are not exclusive in any way and we do not pressure people to join our faith, but rather encourage all people to strengthen their faith and work together with us to build a peaceful world.

The article also states that members of the Unification Church perform “a lot of good works but sometimes show a darker side,” yet does not specify what the phrase “a darker side” entails. Therefore, this statement is merely a harmful insinuation that encourages an attitude of denigration against all Unificationists.

Additionally, statements such as “cults and other high-pressure groups can ‘suck the life out of its members to support its own’” and “those who take part in these type of organizations may be perceived as crazy by their friends and family” are an insult to all religious groups.

This article is an invitation for the community of Pennsylvania to hate on new religious groups and disregards the fact that members of the Unification Church are themselves active members of the Pennsylvania community and people worth getting to know.

I encourage readers to check out Lovin’ Life Ministries at 123 S. 41st Street Guests are always warmly welcomed and given the freedom to explore and question who we are and what we’re about it.

Crescentia DeGoede is a pastor for Lovin’ Life Ministries. Her email address is

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