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Bravo to the University for implementing a calendar reform that puts the interests of students first. Not only do we keep fall break (essential for many students’ mental health and general well-being) and keep a reasonable-length winter break (essential for the many students who enjoy spending time with their families, not to mention the many Christians who want to spend Christmas at home), but we get more hours of instruction in the fall. This is a good thing.

The reason we pay $50,000 per year was, I thought, for the quality and quantity of the University’s instruction. Bravo then to the Education Department for increasing the amount that $50,000 buys (without, I hope, a corresponding hike in fees) and for allowing a little bit more depth possible in our fall courses.

Assuredly, landlords will need to adjust their rent schedules. Given that students are their clientele, I think they’ll manage it. Assuredly, students may need to leave their internships early. Here’s a hint, Wharton folks: if your employers don’t give you a job because you need to go back to school a week early, they are — recession notwithstanding — not worth working for.

Three cheers for Rob Nelson, executive director for Education and Academic Planning in the Provost’s Office, and company. This is an excellent calendar.

Alec Webley
2011 College graduate and former chairman of the Undergraduate Assembly

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