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They say life is only as good as the friends you share it with.

(And, of course, a senior column is only as good as its cliche lede.)

In all seriousness, I’d be remiss to write about anything else with my final bittersweet words that will ever grace these pages.

I could tell you how much my time at the Daily Pennsylvanian changed me, how running for editor was the best decision I made at Penn (until I decided to do it again) or how much I learned from my two years holed up in the Pink Palace.

I could tell you how much freakin’ fun I had, or how many times I nearly went off the deep end (and the few times I actually did).

I could tell you how much I came to love Penn through the DP, especially the underappreciated Penn sports community, or how much I hated having to restrain my passion on press row and how much I’m looking forward to finally being able to let go.

I could try to glean some meaning from the 106 articles and 97 blog posts I’ve written and impart some final words of wisdom for future DP generations.

But who am I kidding? I don’t have enough inches to say all that. Besides, the truth is, the most important part of my DP experience wasn’t the stories or games or interviews or tweets.

It was the people I shared them with, friends I’ll never forget, whose impact will never wear off, even if we inevitably fail to stay in touch as much as we always hope upon graduation. To all those people, I owe tremendous gratitude.

To every member of the 125 and 126, for being the best friends I’ve ever had:

To all past and future DP staff, for keeping this amazing news organization alive:

To Klitzman, for being the other half of BBB, for “the worst night ever!” and for helping to keep me sane through 50-hour weeks:

To Michael Gold, for putting up with me for two years and fixing everything I did wrong in DPOSTM:

To Cal, Lauren, Megan, Brian and Kevin, for giving me confidence that Sports will continue to be the DP’s Only Section That Matters and that news will always be a bunch of weenies:

To DGP and Moyse: for showing me the DPOSTM ropes and failing to find any editors so that I had the chance I did:

To Juliette, for actually convincing me to run for editor (twice!) and for always knowing the perfect thing to say when I needed it:

To Becca, for recruiting me in the first place (and not for the reasons everyone thinks!):

To Emily Babay and Dan Getelman, for slaving away at so that I could have my fun with it for a year, only to begin the process all over again:

To Kyle, for the above and for showing up at exactly the right time:

To Shumita, for being the main reason I accomplished my biggest goal on the 126:

To everyone I’ve ever interviewed and to AComm for making that possible (especially Chas, Dolan and Mike):

To Glen Miller, for nothing:

To Jerome Allen, for redefining Frosted Flakes:

To the Red and Blue Crew, for stoking whatever school spirit we have left. Fight on!:

To EJ, Katherine, Dave and Donna, for always being helpful and for being familiar faces when I’m back here in five years:

To my parents, for your patience and support:

And of course, to our readers, the reason we can do what we do:

Thank you, and farewell.

NOAH ROSENSTEIN is a former Sports and Online Managing Editor and 2011 College graduate from Hollywood, Fla. His e-mail address is After graduation he hopes to finally find a job back home and plans to eventually pursue a JD/MBA.

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