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The first thing we learn in our writing seminar is to think like your opponent. So, if I were running against me, I would say, “Dan is too young and inexperienced. We can elect him next year, but now we need projects backed by a proven record.”

That sounds great, but it misses the point. Those things are good for the president — we need someone with experience to run the show. But the vice president must be young and enthusiastic, a Quaker at his core. The vice president must be fun and want to make Penn a better place. The vice president must be a hard worker, truly dedicated to putting student needs above his own. The vice president must be someone like me.

I’m Dan Bernick, and I want Penn to reach its potential. Students like us have the potential to be heard and have fun. This means making school pride a priority, better late-night programming, fixing the curriculum, creating a PennCalendar and instituting late-night dining. Student groups have the potential to be engaged. This means fostering group leader interaction, cleaning up the G.O. Penn system, access to funding and recruiting and better communication. Penn has the potential to be a leader. This means sustainability, healthy living, connecting with other universities, boosting alumni relations and getting Penn’s name out there. I have big expectations for what our next few years at Penn will look like. And let me tell you, the next few years look awesome!

Yeah, I’m young. But I’ve got great ideas (my platform literally has more than 60 of them), and I’m as old as most of you. Freshmen and sophomores, we have two or three (or four…) years left, and I want these things as badly as you do. If PennCalendar isn’t up and running next year, I’m the only vice presidential candidate who is affected. If the dining hall isn’t open later, I’m the only vice presidential candidate who will starve while studying at night.

This also holds me accountable — if I don’t accomplish everything I say I will, don’t vote for me next year.

Best of all, I will be able to push projects for three years and will not have to give up or back down. Something the other candidates won’t admit is that Penn moves slowly and major projects take years. I am the only vice presidential candidate who can accomplish big goals like boosting school spirit, changing Penn’s online persona, reforming the curriculum and making the Undergraduate Assembly-student-student group connection stronger.

I want to work for you. I have decided to give my time at Penn to making your lives better. Now, I’m not in the Wharton School, but that sounds like a good deal. For one vote, you get a hard working, caring and dedicated individual to push your ideas for not one, not two, but three years. I will not let you down. You will be glad you chose to support DAN4VP.

Dan Bernick is a College freshman from Minnesota. He is running for UA Vice President. Check out his candidate page here.

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