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What are my options?

Students may opt to live in high-rise or low-rise buildings on campus. Harrison, Harnwell and Rodin college houses are located at the west end of campus and house mostly undergraduates. Sansom Place offers a more diverse mix of graduate and undergraduate populations.

Students looking for a more tight-knit community may consider living in a low-rise building. Gregory, Stouffer and DuBois college houses foster a strong network and friendships among residences. House deans and faculty members hold regular house-wide events. These may range from s’mores nights to brunches and movie screenings.

How does the 'housing lottery' work?

For upperclassmen who don’t plan to remain in their current buildings, the housing lottery is an automated system that tries to place students in rooms according to their requested preferences. If a student loses out in the lottery and doesn’t receive his or her first preference, the system will attempt to place them in their second preference, and so on.

Students who plan to stay in their current buildings have priority over those who are switching, but have to face a different placement system in the form of housing points. Though each house’s system is different, they typically award points based on the number of semesters lived in the house — and the more points someone has, the better chance they have of getting their preferred room. Lotteries are used only in the case of a tie.

What can improve my chances of getting on-campus housing?

Residential Programs

Residential programs allow students and faculty who share a passion for a particular subject to live together. The programs are extremely varied and include topics such as World Cultures, Business and Community Involvement.

Residential programs require a separate application process that usually involves an essay. In the essay, students should discuss how their interests or activities will help them contribute to the residential community.

Residential Program applications are due on Jan. 19. Students applying after the deadline will be considered on a rolling basis.

Community Living

Community Living is available for groups of six to eight students who wish to live together. Students hoping to live in Harnwell, Harrison, Rodin and Sansom Place West must form even-sized groups.

Groups of 3 - 5 students may be assigned to suites in the Quad.

Community Living applications are available on Campus Express Feb. 11-15

Become a RA or GA

RAs and GAs receive rent-free accommodation in college houses and are required to work 15 to 20 hours per week.

Rising sophomores and juniors with a GPA of 2.5 or above are eligible for RA positions. All graduate and professional students may apply to be a GA. The deadline for all RA applications is Jan. 14.

What is gender-neutral housing?

After freshman year, all students may apply to live on campus with other students, regardless of their gender. Students must identify their own roommates and make sure to fill all beds in the room requested.

While the initial application can be submitted online, all students who wish to live in gender-neutral housing must go in person.

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