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The 2002 X Games, the eighth annual extreme sports competition, featured a variety of sports, including BMX stunt dirt competition, moto X freestyle (above), and free style rollerblading. This year's X Games was held in South Philadelphia for the second s

In the last event at the 2002 X Games, Mike Metzger brought down the house.

Landing two consecutive backflips in the moto X big air competition, Metzger won his third medal of the competition to close out the games.

"I came into the competition not expecting anything other than winning a medal," he said. "And I came home with three of them."

Metzger also won Moto X freestyle and placed second in step up, a high jump-like competition.

Tommy Clowers won the event by clearing a height of 34 feet.

These were just three of many highlights in this year's X Games.

X Games VIII was the second consecutive event to be held in Philadelphia, drawing an average of slightly over 40,000 fans per day at the events.

It lasted five days at the First Union Complex in South Philadelphia from August 15-19, with several events taking place outside of the complex in the days prior.

Skateboarding, one of the most popular events at the games, also had some of the most memorable moments.

In the best trick competition, Montreal's Pierre-Luc Gagnon landed a Heelflip McTwist -- a 540 degree turn while flipping the skateboard in midair -- to win the competition. The popular Tony Hawk took third in the event.

Hawk repeated in the skateboard vert doubles with partner Andy McDonald, as they landed several board switching tricks in succession to roars from the crowd. It was the seventh time they had won the event overall.

Gagnon, however, took home the gold in the X Games' signature event, skateboard vert. Gagnon was so far ahead that his final run was for show, after creating an insurmountable lead during his first two runs.

Other highlights from the events included Jaren Grob's victory in the aggressive in-line skate park competition, nailing successive 900s -- 900 degrees, or two-and-a-half rotation jumps.

Rodil de Araujo Jr., from Brazil, dominated the street skateboard competition, winning three gold medals.

Overall, this year's X Games were a smashing success and an excellent boost for the city of Philadelphia. They featured the competition's 2 millionth fan, as well as a more diverse crowd than ever before.

"It used to only be skaters," Hawk said. "And hard core skaters at that. But now, it's kids and parents and people that you wouldn't expect to know anything about it, who see me on TV."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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