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To the Editor: We at Campus Copy Center wish to thank the University community for keeping an open mind and hearing us out in regard to the recent incident in our store ("Student alleges racial beating at Campus Copy," The Daily Pennsylvanian, 4/9/01). We have every intention of continuing to serve all people -- as we have done for the last 40 years -- regardless of their race, creed, color or sexual preference. No one takes this issue more seriously than we do, by the very nature of our profession. I have worked at Campus Copy since 1981, and never before this has there ever been an incident where someone pointed an ugly finger at us for any ethical, moral or legal reason. Like we've said, we wouldn't be a viable company if race was at all an issue of our business. Moreover, we are a pillar of the right to free speech -- you would be amazed at what people ask us to proliferate, some of it much more malicious, hateful and hurtful than anything which is currently being said. But because this is America, we do so -- for everyone -- without comment, reservation or delay. As a Penn alumnus, rest assured that not only can this attitude be construed as a mission statement; it is also a personal directive which I have adhered to since I entered the field more than 25 years ago. My thanks to all of you who picked up the phone to ask "What happened?" as well as to the faculty, staff and students who have indicated their unwaivering support. They all know that we have nothing to hide, and never have. We at Campus Copy stand behind our years of service to the University and our dedication to all who comprise it. They are not only our customers, but I can tell you after 21 years of dealing with many of them myself, they are all our friends. True light has all the colors of the spectrum, and no one knows this better us.

Mike Drake Manager, Campus Copy Center College '79

To the Editor: I disagree with the views expressed by James Yoo in his letter ("Think twice about China," DP, 4/6/01). One should not condemn an entire population for the policies of its government. After all, how often do we disagree with the actions or policies of our political leaders? The mission of the University is to facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise. If the University were to view all its collaborations with such a "critical eye," this would lead to the demise of a great number of programs on campus. We have had the opportunity to hear speakers and watch performers from many countries whose governments might have policies considered "objectionable" to some people, depending on their agenda. The beauty of this nation is that it allows freedom for individuals to make their own choices, based on informed knowledge. We should not deny anybody that choice. As intelligent students, members of the orchestra travelling to China can make their own observations and conclusions. As an institution, we should indeed maintain an open mind and "open arms," and leave the politics to the individual.

Christopher Wong Biomedicine Graduate '01

To the Editor: Another year has almost come and gone, and yet again the University has ignored the athletic facility crisis. Penn will remain the only Ivy League school without an indoor track, a dubious distinction that not only hurts the track team's ability to recruit but also results in injuries due to running outside all year. The current facility, the Hollenback Annex, is in shambles. And while the baseball team has a new stadium, Rhodes Field, the men's and women's track teams, with a whopping 26 Ivy League titles between them, will continue to train and practice in a subpar facility. These athletes devote sometimes 20 or 25 hours a week or more to their sport, sacrificing many other extra-curricular activities. Still, the University has decided that a proper indoor facility simply isn't that important, especially compared to the $23 million health club (complete with a juice bar), which evidently is a priority on Steve Bilsky's list.

Joshua Seeherman Engineering '01

The writer is a member of the men's track team.

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