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To the Editors: We at the Penn Video Network want to respond to the Undergraduate Assembly's petition to have HBO added to the channel lineup ("Sex comes to Houston Hall," The Daily Pennsylvanian, 2/14/2001). The PVN works hard to satisfy the University's cable programming needs, and it is gratifying to learn that students want more of what we enjoy bringing them. The PVN Advisory Board is very much aware that students want HBO and other premium channels, and we have been exploring methods to deliver this service for well over a year. We have also met many times with representatives of Penn's primary programming provider. But the facts we are grappling with include: 1) It is technologically impossible to deliver premium channels with current network equipment. 2) The cost of delivering HBO to every outlet on campus exceeds the current PVN budget. 3) Even if residents voluntarily paid for premium channels (an option we have explored), a major overhaul of billing operations would be necessary, since the PVN is currently provided free of charge. While these problems will not be resolved overnight, we continue to seek solutions. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Visit our website at, post to the PVN newsgroup at, or e-mail us at

Christopher Cook Assistant Director, Student Telephone Services and Video

To the Editor: While glossing overÿthe back pageÿof the DP today, I was pleasantly surprised to find an article saluting the JV basketball team ("An unknown quartet, DP, 2/21/01). It's about time. Many times people draw distinctions between the NBA and NCAA, claiming that the latter is the only place to findÿa pure, unbridled love of the game. Perhaps the same analogy can be stretched to the relationship between the varsity and JV teams. Now, I don't mean any irreverence to the varsity team. I love them dearly andÿmy wall is plastered with aÿcollage of DP basketball articles and tickets. The varsity team obviously possesses a love of the game and I admire that. Yet, the roar of the crowd, the wide publicity and dreams of making it to 'the dance' obviouslyÿserve as a tremendous force in motivating the players throughout the season. And as I sit on the empty stands at the JV games, I can't help but wonder what keeps these guys going. The JV team is too rarely recognized for their efforts. Unlike an intramural team, their packed schedule and 10-hour-a-week practices yield a substantial commitment. I applaud these players for their commitment to the team and for their love of the sport. And I applaud the DP for recognizing what it's all about. As you enter the Palestra, a plaque on the wall reads, "To win the game is great, to play is even better. But to love the game is the greatest of all." These guys help us remember what's truly important as they do it all "for the love of the game."

Ilana Wolfe College '03

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