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To the Editor: Lisa Parsley's editorial "Women's health deserves respect," (The Daily Pennsylvanian, 10/19/00) begins with a misguided comparison. In comparing Viagra to birth control, she seeks to make theÿalleged inequity in insurance coverage a gender issue, which it is not. The simple fact is that Viagra and contraceptives perform vastly different functions. Viagra is a medicine that treats a physical disorder.ÿContraceptives (aside from condoms, which reduce the risk of contracting an STD), on the other hand, do not remedy any medical problem that I am aware of. Whereas the natural state of a man during sexual arousal is erection, the natural state of a woman engaging in sexual intercourse is not "non-pregnancy." To quote The Big Lebowski, sex "can be a natural, zesty enterprise," and if couples want to prevent pregnancy on their own dollar, more power to them. But to women who are looking to insurance to cover this luxury, I would suggest that no insurance company has ever denied coverage for abstinence.

Andrew Morentz College '02

To the Editor: I applaud 34th Street magazine for its important feature, "Painfully thin," in Thursday's Daily Pennsylvanian. The article was informative, well-researched and eye-opening. This is a serious topic that needs to be exposed to all students and faculty. I commend the reporter and editors for their efforts.

Judith Rodin University President

To the Editor: Although I respect the mature and intelligent way that Brian Cope has handled his previous subjects, such as the stupidity of our University's student-athletes, his most recent column ("A vote for Nader won't be wasted," DP, 10/23/00) prompts me to write. Evidently the idea of a Supreme Court full of reactionaries doesn't shake Cope's pro-Nader convictions. I wonder, however, if the convictions of Cope and other Nader supporters are strong enough that they are willing to gamble similarly with the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and our other protected areas. I wonder if Cope would be willing to explain his philosophy to the parents of a child that bled to death in a playground because of inadequate gun laws. I wonder if Cope is willing to watch Bush trash our public schools under the guise of "accountability." Nader has said that there are no real differences between the Gore and Bush. His supporters do not understand (or are not willing to admit) how many trees can be cut down, how many oil wells can be drilled and how many people can be shot to death in four years. I won't "complain about the antics of Washington." But if you vote for Nader, I want you to promise that you won't complain when Bush runs roughshod over things you claim to care about.

Robert Pringle College '01

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