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Those who were awake at 7 a.m. yesterday morning were able to see the rare occurrence of the second Quadrangle steak within the span of one week -- because of a mistake on the part of the event's planners. Planners said yesterday that they intended for there to be only one streak -- the one held yesterday morning -- but that a few of those involved jumped the gun by confusing last Thursday with yesterday. Despite the earlier streak, yesterday's streakers decided to hold their event as planned, as 11 men stripped off everything but their hats, scarves and sneakers to run around the Quad. Descending from the top of the Upper Quad, the streakers ran through the Speakman archway to Baby Quad and back up through Lower Quad to the Upper Quad where they reclothed themselves. Even with temperatures in the 20s, the streakers were enthused as they chanted, "Here we go Quakers, here we go!" Circling back toward the top of Upper Quad, the streakers seemed to enjoy themselves thoroughly as they raised their hands in victory. Four senior women, who said they were friends of the streakers, stood on Junior Balcony, holding signs and cheering on the streakers. "Hi Paul. Hi Peter. Hi Josh," read one sign. Wharton senior Kathy Warren, one of those watching, said she found the event exciting. "It's crazy to be naked in that cold, and this is why we invented clothes," Warren said. Several streakers said that the women had been invited to run, but declined the invitation. "They were supposed to run, but they chickened out," the streaker said. "We're not sexist, we invited them. They just didn't show up." Other than the women, few were up early enough to witness the streak. "I thought it was outstanding, but when are the women going to do it?" said a maintenance worker who was in the Quad at the time. Each of the participants said he had a different reason for streaking. One said that he wanted to protest the slave labor conditions in the garment industry. Another said that he wanted to tell stories about it to his grandchildren. Paul, a Wharton senior and organizer of this streak, said that the event was "exhilirating," while another streaker said the streak was a great way to start the week. Several streakers said that because of the warm weather, last week's event does not count as a true Quad streak.

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