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The Campus Organized Lectures On Racism, COLORS, opened their third-annual series with a preview of its skit show yesterday in High Rise South. COLORS presented skits dealing with interracial relationships, homosexuality and racial stereotypes. The ten audience members laughed as members of COLORS exaggerated many typical racial problems encountered at the University. "Our main goal is to bring up some discussion," COLORS Co-chairperson Jon Greenawalt said yesterday. He added that suggestions from audience members would be considered when they prepared their February 20 show. The first skit, "History 101," dealt with the stereotypical history class taught by Professor White using a text by Professor Caucasian. In the skit, the class -- which only taught the accomplishments of white-European men -- was criticized by students in the class who eventually renamed the class "Racism 101." The second skit was a parody of Cheers. In the skit, Sam Malone was gay, Norm Peterson was handicapped and Woody Boyd was intelligent. "The purpose of this skit is to illustrate how the media can perpetuate the stereotypes we hold," Nursing junior Suzanne Balleisen said. "These issues are brushed under the carpet." In the third skit, a board of admissions officers attempted to pick members of the incoming class. Members of the alumni, athletic and financial aid departments influenced the decision. And although the racial slurs and cutting comments were all used just to make a point, participants in the program said they felt the issue of racism must be confronted. "It's frightening that, even though this is in jest, deep inside it does offend you," College sophomore Steven Lainer said. College junior Isa Lopez participated in the show because she thought the message was an important one. "I think it's very important because I think people need to confront all the issues that surround them," Lopez said. Others, such as Nursing junior Sheila Rossell, said the program was interesting since it showed that subtle racial remarks do hurt others. "I think it's something that is definitely worth the time and effort to go see," Rossell said. "It sends out a message that needs to be heard." Even though attendance was low for the COLORS preview of their Skits and Seminars show, co-chair Greenawalt said he was pleased with the evening. COLORS will present their Skits and Seminars on Wednesday, February 20 at 6:30 p.m. in Vance Hall. Discussions about the skits and stereotypes will follow the skits. Other events scheduled are: COLORS Speaker Night on February 21 in the University Museum's Harrison Auditorium at 7:00 p.m., featuring Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson; a variety show and party thrown on Friday, February 22 at the Harrison Auditorium. A party at Barley and Hops Restaurant will follow the show.

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