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Zachary Bell | Notes from Montreal

According to the Associated Press, 53.6 percent of Americans under 26 with a bachelors degree — 1.5 million — are jobless or underemployed. That could fill a lot of streets. So why are they empty?

Zachary Bell | Preoccupied in protest

That weekend, I tried to pair my observations of the mass actions with personal conversations — on both sides. I spoke to police and protesters, removing the blue helmets and black masks, asking whether the police are part of the 99 percent or part of a police state in which violence is the closest one can get to “dialogue.”

Zachary Bell | Transform the Night

In general, sexual activity relies on a guy’s initiative and a girls’ acceptance. The pursuer invests time, energy, maybe even money and often wants something in return.

Zachary Bell | Digging into the crisis of OCR

Just a few months ago, I was complicit in On-Campus Recruiting. As suits traipse into interview rooms this week, I think it’s time to examine this tradition of competition through its history and recent critiques.

Zachary Bell | Let's make some friends

As a freshman, I chose the guaranteed community and the institutionalized comfort of a social calendar. I’m not saying it’s wrong, but I’m saying that I didn’t try to imagine something different.

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