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HUP takes steps to prevent nurse burnout

A recent School of Nursing study proved that overworked nurses have a direct correlation to patient infections, injuries and death rates. The study surveyed more than 7,000 nurses in Pennsylvania and found them to be overwhelmingly dealing with burnout-related issues that include too many overtime hours and increase in patient load.

HUP receives funding to train Penn nurses

The Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration will grant the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania — the largest clinical site for the School of Nursing — nearly $36 million over the next four years to train more advanced practice registered nurses.

Penn enters second phase of campus expansion

Under Penn Connects 2.0, Penn has added 45 additional acres to its campus and a combined 4.8 million square feet of new spaces while restoring current campus facilities, according to Penn President Amy Gutmann.

Nutter supports New York big soda ban

At the conference, 250 public health workers and researchers heard the most up-to-date research on the impact of high-sugar drinks on the body and discussed how to convince the public of these detrimental effects.

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