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Mitt Romney campaigns in Pennsylvania

On Friday, Romney hosted a private fundraising event at the Union League of Philadelphia.“We really would shock people if early in the evening on November 6, it looked like Pennsylvania was going to come our way,” he said.

Philadelphia will not issue voter IDs for polls

In what’s being called a loophole in the law, the Montgomery and Allegheny county governments plan to allow voter IDs to be produced by organizations other than the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Driver’s License Centers.

Michelle Obama's brother visits Philadelphia

Robinson visited an Obama campaign office in Northwest Philadelphia Saturday morning to “rally the troops,” promote voter registration and make sure that the staff and volunteers knew that the First Family appreciated their efforts.

Huntsman downplays Penn education

Though Jon Huntsman — a 1987 College graduate — and his family have connections to both Penn and the University of Utah, some believe the candidate is downplaying his degree from Penn.

Supercommittee's failure may be trouble for Penn

Congress announced that the legislative “super committee” — made up of six Republicans and six Democrats — failed in its task to come up with the $1.2 trillion in federal budget savings agreed upon in August. This may put some of Penn’s finances in a precarious position.

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    Most undervalued

    I said this last year, and I still think I'm right. Penn's most undervalued player is clearly Mark Zoller.

    Anything But Uniform: Lafayette

    When the Leopards and former Penn assistant Fran O'Hanlon come to the Palestra tonight, they will be wearing this.

    The uniforms are made by New Balance, and are relatively straightforward.

    I like the horizontal stripes down the sides, and the use of the silver/gray accenting.

    No fog here

    All day today, Philadelphia was shrouded in a thick fog that made it impossible to see more than a few feet out the windows in the high rise dorms.

    Talking Hawks

    When Saint Joseph's lost at Massachussetts on Wednesday night, it signaled a couple of things that Penn fans should pay attention to.

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