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Caroline Brand | A race against the word count

Most of these articles acknowledge that the conflict is “nuanced,” but after glossing over this point, they still try to cram their thoughts on a subject that spans almost 3,000 books in Van Pelt into half a newspaper page.

Caroline Brand | Ask Caroline

I’ve heard about the same personal struggles and issues from many people — some of which I’ve experienced too. Given the pervasiveness of these topics, I’ve decided to address a few.

Caroline Brand | Real Beauty, real problems

As part of its ongoing Real Beauty campaign, Dove posted a YouTube video last week that has over 19 million views. I find the overwhelmingly positive response to this video troubling — especially the praise from within the Penn community.

Caroline Brand | In praise of Patton

Others have criticized Patton for being anti-feminist, but I find her argument empowering. What’s anti-feminist about telling a woman to find a man “worthy” of her intelligence?

Caroline Brand | From sonnets to sexting

While some mourn the end of the era of boyfriends and girlfriends and dates at Pod, others find the hook-up culture to be less stressful than trying to hold a conversation with someone over the duration of a three-course meal and find it much more conducive to our busy schedules.

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