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From under the button

If you ask a Penn student, you might get a raised eyebrow or a mischievous look when they tell you about the legend of having sex under The Button before senior year. (As a senior, I’d love to tell you about this—but I promised this column wouldn’t be about senior wisdom.)

Arielle Pardes | Why men should embrace Lulu

So if women are generally pretty generous with their ratings and they’re using the app to recommend their guy friends, crushes and ex-boyfriends to other women rather than to bash them for past experiences, why are men so afraid of it? Rather than being full of the vindictive reviews that men seem wary of, most Lulu scores are actually full of praise.

Arielle Pardes | The little pink pill

But some women simply have lower libidos, and that’s completely normal. The growing interest in forms of “female Viagra” like Lady Prelox can make it seem like not feeling readily available for sex is an abnormality.

Arielle Pardes | You, me and glass

Glance (which has also been buzzed about under the name “Sex With Glass”) was dreamed up by a team of London-based developers who promise users they can “experience sex like never before.” The thrust of it is watching yourself have sex, from your partner’s perspective.

Arielle Pardes | Stop cyberstalking your ex

Actively engaging, instead of the one-sided cyberstalking that we’re wont to do, can help tame the feelings of insanity, jealousy and powerlessness that come from seeing our exes all over the internet.

Arielle Pardes | Reclaiming hook-up culture

Despite all of the huffing and puffing about hook-up culture, casual sex isn’t the problem. The problem is communication — or rather, lack thereof. It’s not time that we stop hooking up, but it is time to stop hooking up without telling our partners what we want.

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