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Vagina Monologues steps up fundraising efforts

The Vagina Monologues, a movement to combat violence against women, has been a phenomenon that has spread across campus universities nationwide. An important part of the success of the movement has been the fundraising and advertising effort on the part of the cast, crew and community.

'Flex' seats debate divides NEC and UA

This past year, these flex seats were occupied by UA members. Flex seats are seats that are not reserved for UA representatives or the Nominations and Elections Committee and may be assigned to either branch. However, after College senior and Speaker Pro Tempore Jon Monfred’s resignation Sunday night, a seat became available and prompted a heated discussion between the NEC and the UA.

Two representatives resign from Undergraduate Assembly

College senior Jon Monfred and College junior Ernest Owens resigned from their positions as Undergraduate Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore and UA College Representative, respectively, late Sunday night at the UA’s last general body meeting of the semester.

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