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After 12 years on the road, student returns to Penn

While students might find their study skills rusted after a long summer, College sophomore Erica Liebman faced an extreme version of this situation when she returned to her books after more than a decade. Twelve years ago, Liebman took a leave of absence from Penn after her third semester to become a car mechanic.

Some final exams get creative

While most students at Penn usually associate finals with memorizing facts or churning out a last-minute paper, others have more creative hurdles to jump over to complete their courses.

Penn Hip-Hop Initiative 'spits' on Locust

Penn Hip-Hop Initiative, Penn’s newest music appreciation club was introduced this semester. PHHI holds Freestyle Fridays on Locust Walk. Any student passing by can join in and “spit,” a slang term that means to freestyle rap.

Stouffer, Jaffe Building win Power Down Challenge

The Jaffe History of Art Building, located at 3405 Woodland Walk, won the campus building competition, with a total energy reduction of 21.6 percent. Stouffer College House, which reduced its energy usage by 14.5 percent, won the college house competition.

Power Down Challenge begins its third year at Penn

The Power Down Challenge, which began at the beginning of this week, is an annual competition between college houses and campus buildings designed to lower energy usage over the span of three weeks. Awards are given to the college house and campus building that lowers its energy consumption the most.

Eco-Reps expands to Penn Athletics

While FRES worked previously to reduce the environmental impact of large sporting events on campus, this program is a concerted effort to reduce Penn Athletics’ ecological footprint.

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