Student Life

06/21/17 5:58pm
“I learned about game theory in ECON 10 [in Wharton] and in NETS 112 [in Engineering] from different perspectives and for different applications,” Engineering and Wharton freshman EJ Murphy said. “It painted a far more vivid picture.”
06/20/17 8:58pm
Once the bill is placed into effect, mental health providers in Philly will be prohibited from trying to change the gender orientation or sexual identity of clients below the age of 18. 
06/20/17 8:18pm
David Cohen, the chair of the board of trustees, said in a meeting last week that he thinks Penn has done enough to show its support for climate action. 
06/20/17 12:02am
College senior Jonah Rosen, who is going to teach at a university in Russia, said he's looking forward to "chart a different course" from the standard route taken by most Penn students into the corporate world. 
06/19/17 7:00pm
As part of Women and Incarceration (GSWS555), which will be offered by the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies department, students will visit and speak to staff and inmates at the Philadelphia Women’s Jail. 
06/19/17 6:17pm
Incoming students, you'll want to know where to go when the Van Pelt underground is overcrowded during finals week.
06/15/17 10:39pm
“Hey Day was truly the biggest expression of school spirit I've ever seen at Penn,” College junior Catherine Oksas said. “And it lasted almost a full 2 hours. It was crazy.”
06/15/17 10:35pm
According to a financial advice website, the city is 14th in the country for summer internships, but a staggering 111th for summer jobs. 
06/14/17 10:13pm
The six branches under Penn Student Government include the Undergraduate Assembly, which lobbies for students' needs, and the Social Planning and Events Committee, which helps to organize campus-wide activities like Spring Fling. 
06/12/17 11:47pm
There are 45 different student-run performing arts organizations at Penn who put up over 60 performances each year. Here are seven of the most prominent.
06/12/17 11:44pm
College freshman Elizabeth Luhnow described the “amazing relationships” she formed on PennQuest. “A lot of the people I met I probably would not have met otherwise,” she said. “I would 100% recommend PennQuest. I would not let a sibling come to Penn without doing it."
06/05/17 10:08pm
Over the summer, Residential and Hospitality Services employs close to 90 students, some of whom return the next year to work for the department again. 
06/02/17 2:44pm
The Higher Ed Leaders Forum, a two-day conference organized on May 31 and June 1 by the New York Times, brought together leaders from Universities such as Penn and Harvard University to discuss free speech, race relations and other issues affecting colleges today.
06/01/17 8:06pm
On May 30, representatives from GET-UP brought the authorization cards that they've been collecting from graduate students since March to Philadelphia's National Labor Relations Board office.
06/01/17 5:42pm
In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Penn’s Director of International Risk Management Jaime Molyneux sent out an email on May 24 to those registered to be traveling in the U.K. this summer.
05/30/17 8:48pm
“I can’t really go anywhere,” said College sophomore Jackson Baker, who has been sleeping on different couches for 11 days and bringing his overnight bags with him to the first week of classes. 
05/27/17 11:41pm
Rising College and Wharton senior Dylan Adelman will present his idea at the 2017 Sohn Conference along with other top investors such as hedge fund manager David Einhorn.
05/27/17 10:58am
Bayer, who has been a cast member on Saturday Night Live since 2010, announced last week that she'll be leaving the show along with two of her costars, Sasheer Zamata, and Bobby Moynihan. 
05/26/17 9:20am
HUP CEO Regina Cunningham believes "it will be an incredible advantage" for medical students to gain exposure to the hospital's new services and technology. 
05/24/17 8:15am
“The reason that I got interested in tech was its impact on other people,” Engineering junior Rani Iyer said. “One of the big strengths of Hack4Impact is definitely its community. We get a lot of people with similar values.”