Student Life

18 hours ago
On Tuesday, DHS announced that individuals flying from Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Morocco would not be permitted to carry electronic devices bigger than a smartphone on planes.
19 hours ago
“They wanted people who had more knowledge of mechanical engineering,” Wharton and Engineering freshman George Pandya said. “I was able to get some experience with developing mechanical tools before I came here and that really helped me get the position when I applied.”
03/22/17 12:01am
Thompson spoke as part of the SPEC Connaissance & Film event in Irvine Auditorium on Tuesday
03/20/17 10:31pm
College freshmen Tiffany Wang and Lisa He Wu launched a video campaign to encourage students to "Be proud of your roots. We're rooting for you."
03/19/17 8:40pm
Some crimes are less visible than others, and the Students Against Human Trafficking club at Penn is determined to end one of the most insidious.
03/19/17 7:26pm
College freshman Adam Algalith, one of the board members for the Ware College House Council, said that the council is “definitely planning to throw a watch party for the final game with Chipotle or pizza for food.” 
03/16/17 7:37pm
“Why can’t we print in your building without a Wharton ID? Not even that, why can’t I log into a computer?” Trivedi said. “At [David Rittenhouse Laboratories], my home base, we invite everyone to freely print. Same with Engineering, my second home base.”
03/15/17 10:49pm
“I consistently hear that [the AU] is transformational for students,” Valerie De Cruz, the director of the Greenfield Intercultural Center said. “Alumni consistently tell me they remember this program years after, and that they have formed friendships that continue into their life after Penn.”
03/14/17 5:30pm
Fifty-three Penn professors released a letter Sunday night in support of the graduate students’ movement to create a labor union.
03/13/17 9:44pm
“The Collctve is a group of ‘creatives.' We are a home for good music and want to bring good music to the community,” Wharton sophomore Aayush Sanghrajka said.
03/13/17 9:04pm
The College Dean’s Advisory Board intends to train at least one member of every registered student group on campus in I CARE — CAPS’s mental health skill-building training that focuses on recognizing problems, supporting peers and learning the proper steps to take when a mental health issue arises.
03/12/17 10:12pm
With dining halls closed, some students have trouble finding affordable options for food.
03/01/17 10:37pm
“It’s visibly clear who participates in something like Hey Day,” McKay said. “We want to make sure everyone can participate.”
03/01/17 8:29pm
The Individualized Major is a program through the College that allows students to design their own curriculum and, essentially, create their own department.
02/28/17 9:16pm
When preachers set up signs on campus and chanted insults against gay people, Catholics and Jews, Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush recalled students complaining that the preachers were terrifying them and insisting that their actions had to be illegal. “It’s not,” Rush said.
02/28/17 8:24pm
“It was more parodying comedy about Trump than it was joking about Trump,” Bloom said. “We’re making fun of ourselves almost. It was on a meta-level about not touching Trump in the comedy world.”
02/27/17 11:08pm
The Interfraternity Council instituted a new policy this year making it mandatory for fraternities to send at least ten members to the Vagina Monologues.
02/27/17 10:05pm
“GAPSA is an inclusive organization which derives strength from the diversity of its members,” the resolution reads.
02/27/17 9:53pm
In a statement released prior to the event, Hillel condemned “these overt acts of hatred, which have no space on our campus or in our country.”
02/26/17 8:47pm
“I think it’s a fun process,” Wharton freshman Mindy Wang said. “It was funny seeing her get a striptease and getting breakfast delivered to her room every day.”