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Dani Blum | Caught in the craze

As much as I remind myself that this summer won’t define my career, it’s hard to escape the group mentality that permeates out of Huntsman — which was why I was so impressed when my roommate came home one day and announced she wasn’t looking for internships.

Dani Blum | Inviting Quaker pride

The University should work on promoting its Early Decision policies to lower-income communities. Penn should work with organizations like QuestBridge, which works with high-achieving, low-income students, and others that help underserved groups through the college admissions process.

Alec Ward | Appeals beyond reason

It is a key tenet of our societal notions of justice and fairness that the judgement of a single individual, no matter how deeply we might trust that individual’s commitment to do what is right, is an insufficient basis upon which to decide that a person has committed a criminal act.

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