Student Life

02/22/17 9:10pm
Wharton freshman and media chair of Fossil Free Penn Megan Kyne said she felt the off-the-record meetings between the club and the administration were not productive and did not allow for open communication between the two groups.
02/22/17 9:07pm
The 16th Nobel Summit marks the first time the Ivy Council — an organization that acts as a platform for the collaboration of students across the Ivy League — decided to to invite one student government representative from each of the schools to attend. 
02/21/17 11:10pm
Engineering freshman Brian McGrath, who was studying computer science, withdrew from Penn in December and is preparing to start at Drexel University in the fall.
02/21/17 9:22pm
University City District communications director and 2006 College graduate Alissa Weiss said the new restaurants show how new dining options complement University City’s overall development.
02/20/17 10:56pm
Dean of Gregory College House Chris Donovan said a key part of the College House traditions is creating these shared social environments.
02/20/17 9:47pm
College is one of the best places to startup,” CEO and Engineering and Wharton junior Rajat Bhageria said. “There’s no risk, there’s no opportunity cost ... there’s just a lot of resources.”
02/20/17 4:02pm
The purpose of the wall, founder Rebecca Brown said, is to demonstrate to Penn students that rejection is inherent in everyday life.
02/15/17 10:28pm
#DeleteUber became a boycott against the company, with many Penn students switching to the alternative ride-sharing service Lyft. However, campus opinion about the effectiveness of the movement varies.
02/15/17 10:24pm
For students interested in learning home-brew chemistry, bartending, ballroom dancing, and other non-ordinary skills, the Penn Preceptorial Committee has them covered.
02/14/17 11:02pm
The Penn Congressional Call Center is a nonpartisan space and all of the resources necessary for Penn students to contact their Congressional representatives, regardless of party, and voice an opposition.
02/14/17 8:52pm
Executive Vice President and College freshman Jason Kim said the board didn’t expect the “unprecedented” numbers from the Class of 2020 during the giveaways. 
02/14/17 8:44pm
In preparation for one week during the summer, members of the Penn chapter of Camp Kesem spend the academic year fundraising, training and planning for camp. They are currently gearing up for one their biggest fundraising events, the “Make the Magic” silent auction. 
02/14/17 8:14pm
Panhellenic has included a Vice President of Diversity position on its executive board in response to requests from the sorority members for spaces and dialogues that deal with issues of diversity and inclusion. 
02/13/17 11:43pm
Le Cat Cafe, Philadelphia's Magic Gardens and Franklin Fountain are some of the top suggestions of places to visit on a first date.
02/13/17 9:38pm
Michael Krone, College sophomore and communications director of the UA, said that more transparency is needed in the process so that students understand how the speaker is chosen.
02/13/17 9:32pm
Annenberg professor Emily Falk led this study that demonstrated a positive correlation between a sedentary person's “mindfulness” and his or her self-reported “vigorous physical activity” after exposure to media content that encouraged them to exercise.
02/13/17 9:14pm
They are armed with their “khaki-blaze” uniforms, a repertoire of four romantic songs and a list of locations to hit, Glee Club member and Engineering senior Bhavish Malkani said.
02/13/17 8:23pm
For anyone who's procrastinated on finding plans for Valentine's Day, here are some shows and performances around the Philly area to check out. 
02/13/17 2:06pm
The actions of a Phi Gamma Delta member — who named his beer pong team "VietPong" and dressed up in camouflage gear — at a date night Saturday drew swift condemnation from two Asian-American cultural groups over the weekend.
02/12/17 10:26pm
For the first time at Penn, transgender cast members were included in The Vagina Monologues