Student Life

07/20/16 11:38pm
Move over, Masala – another Penn a cappella group is hitting the TV screen with perfect pitch.
06/23/16 12:01am
Penn Wellness is set to receive $8000 from VPUL for the upcoming school year after not previously being allocated an annual budget.
06/16/16 12:23am
"Some people said ‘this is the coolest thing ever’ and others were like ‘what are you doing, you’re ruining your life'."
06/16/16 12:20am
"Adding scholarship recipients from these countries will add both ethnic and, hopefully, socioeconomic diversity to the Rhodes community and to Oxford."
12/10/14 12:33am
Our unforgivingly competitive and pre-professional environment teaches us to place getting ahead before genuine human connection. But too many people get caught up in the flow of “every man for himself,” and too many students bristle at sharing notes for fear that someone else might get a chance to excel.
12/09/14 4:36pm
Recently, my fellow columnist Yessenia Gutierrez wrote about challenging the misguided notions about low-income students being “privileged” and “lucky” for not having to pay tuition.
12/02/14 10:42pm
Anneka DeCaro is a College freshman. Her email address is
12/01/14 8:26pm
This Thanksgiving, my sister was back from her first semester of college, already a little bit overwhelmed.