Student Government

04/03/12 12:26am
Beneath the corny Undergraduate Assembly election posters adorned with shameless rhyme schemes — “Sex Under The Button, Vote for Abe Sutton” … umm — that we saw last week, student government may actually be the outlet for our grievances.
03/19/12 7:26pm
College sophomore Dan Bernick and College junior Jake Shuster share their platforms and qualifications with The Daily Pennsylvanian.
11/29/11 11:46pm
Penn Student Government looks to borrow from the University’s hallowed past and thriving present to achieve its goal of “moving forward student life at Penn.”
11/15/11 12:22am
Americans are fed up with congressional gridlock and partisan pandering. Penn students are, too. Unfortunately, student government is a lot like real government.
10/01/11 4:01pm
College freshman Ariel Koren was elected 2015 Class Board president. She is the first female to hold this position since 2004.
09/30/11 12:48am
If Penn is to continue on “making history,” more women should be sought after for elected student government positions. There has been no female class board president in at least a decade and counting.
09/26/11 12:41am
Penn’s newest students and candidates for the 2015 Class Board and Undergraduate Assembly elections enjoyed pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs in Houston Hall to mark the beginning of voting season.
09/21/11 5:33am
A candidates’ meeting on Tuesday night marked the official start of new student elections for the 2015 Class Board and open spots in the Undergraduate Assembly.
09/12/11 10:53pm

UA elects T-Change rep, Budget Committee members

It was business as usual at the first Undergraduate Assembly general body meeting of the semester on Sunday night, during which two internal elections took place.
08/30/11 10:02pm

Student Government | Representing Penn's student body

If you want more opportunities to affect change on campus, you can get involved with Penn’s student government. The undergraduate student government is made up of six branches that represent students in all aspects of University life.
05/26/11 12:37am

UA aims to launch bike-share program this fall

The Undergraduate Assembly plans to start a bike-sharing at Hill College House in the fall and eventually expand it to other parts of campus.
04/30/11 6:30pm
College junior Shana Rusonis, recently elected as the Social Planning and Events Committee's president, sat down with the DP to discuss SPEC's vision for the upcoming year.
04/26/11 4:33am

SAC budget approved for 2011-2012

The Student Activities Council unanimously passed its $931,293 budget on Wednesday night for 2011-2012.
04/19/11 5:05am

Asian Pacific Student Coalition denied seat on University Council

For the first time since 2006, the NEC denied the Asian Pacific Student Coalition a seat on next year's University Council. This year, fifteen student groups competed for seven seats on Penn's highest governing body.
04/12/11 3:46am

UA fills rest of executive board

The Undergraduate Assembly elected College junior Cynthia Ip, College sophomore Jake Shuster and College freshman Will Smith as Speaker, Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.
04/12/11 3:25am

Hey Day T-shirt stirs debate among juniors

Since last Thursday’s release of the Hey Day 2011 T-shirt design, many juniors have been upset that they were not allowed to vote for the winning design.
04/02/11 3:06pm
Wharton and Engineering junior Tyler Ernst was elected UA president on Friday night. Ernst's running mate, Wharton junior Faye Cheng, was elected vice president.
03/29/11 3:59am

UA to host multi-purpose mobile site

Sunday night, the Undergraduate Assembly unanimously passed a resolution that approved a UA mobile webpage that would link to several Penn websites.
03/23/11 3:38am

UA passes UPennAlert resolution

Sunday night, the Undergraduate Assembly unanimously passed a resolution urging the Division of Public Safety to recognize the importance of issuing UPennAlerts.
02/28/11 6:45am

Unanimous vote on final UA budget

The Undergraduate Assembly passed next year’s nearly $2 million budget Sunday night with ease, partly due to an increase in funding of $44,386 from the University.