Sports Features

Penn runner training for race of a lifetime

Aadu, an Engineering junior with an ideal 6-foot-2, 155-pound runner’s frame, wants to experience the hurt of each half-mile. He wants to struggle through it, to feel as if he won’t make it and finally push through.
03/27/13 11:11pm

From Ironman to brain surgery and back again

Competitive racer Candace Gantt returned from intensive brain surgery to complete an Ironman and raise awareness about traumatic brain injuries alongside Penn’s Center for Brain Injury and Repair.
11/08/12 1:58am

No shirts, no shoes, just spray tans: Meet Mr. and Ms. Penn

The best bodies at Penn came together in Zellerbach Theatre to compete for the titles of Mr. and Ms. Penn on Wednesday night.
11/08/12 1:51am


From "cant-miss" to campus: Chris Lubanski embraces life at Penn

Baseball is a heartbreaking game. But the game didn’t break Chris Lubanski’s heart. 7 hours ago

Sports Quotient blog launched by Penn undergrads

On Sept. 5, Zachary Weiner and his colleagues launched The Sports Quotient, a blog dedicated to covering and debating all things sports.
09/25/12 1:18am

Perseverance and pride on the ice

Penn doesn’t have a varsity figure skating team. But maybe now that 2012 graduate Ami Parekh is looking to become the first figure skater to go to the Olympics from the University, they may look to promote the club sport.
08/01/12 9:29pm

The Chief of Boathouse Row

Every few minutes, someone walking by greets Chief with a quick hello, and many come over to spend a few minutes chatting with the old man. He’s a “people person,” according to loyal customer and friend Fritz Spang, who stops by daily at the end of his routine two-and-a-half-mile walk.
07/18/12 8:50pm