11/14/16 1:58am
The Provost’s Summer Mentor Program and Science Technology Engineering, Mathematics Mentoring Program have helped Philadelphia students navigate the college-application process, which leads some of them back to Locust Walk.
11/12/16 3:45pm
On Friday night, 2008 College graduate and current Drexel assistant research professor Adrienne Juarascio discovered the phrase "It's our p***y now, bitch" etched into her car about a block from her home in Philadelphia.
11/09/16 3:41am
The city of Philadelphia, whose citizens voted over 82% for Hillary Clinton according to The New York Times, was silent as Republican nominee Donald Trump — the President-elect of the United States — won swing-state after swing-state.
11/07/16 1:51am
Weckerly’s Ice Cream started in the kitchen of the Green Line Cafe on the corner of 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue. Its products have been sold at Gourmet Grocer and Metropolitan Bakery.
11/07/16 12:08am
My Ride to Vote, a California-based Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, will be paying for Uber and Lyft rides to Philadelphia polls on Election Day 
11/04/16 2:44pm

Sunny 60-degree weather to hold throughout the weekend

On Friday, the wind will be whipping close to 20 miles per hour, creating a slight breeze.
11/04/16 12:55pm
Discussions between the members of the Transport Workers Union Local 234 (TWU) and SEPTA reached a low point on Thursday night.
11/02/16 3:24pm
Members of the "alt-right" movement plan to supply black Philadelphians with liquor and marijuana to deter them from voting.
11/02/16 1:34am
At 12:01 Tuesday morning, members of the Transportantion Workers Union Local 234 — the largest union of SEPTA workers — began a strike after they were not able to reach a contract deal with SEPTA.
11/01/16 4:18pm
University City is the most expensive place to rent in Philadelphia this fall.
11/01/16 2:26am
At 3:58 AM on Sunday Oct. 30, Penn Police responded to a report of armed robbery on Sansom Street, prompting a UPennAlert at 4:24 a.m.
11/01/16 1:59am
Currently, the Pennsylvania Constitution requires judges to retire at the end of the year in which they turn 70, and so a “yes” decision would raise the retirement age by five years.
11/01/16 12:10am
Penn Transit released a comprehensive contingency plan on Monday to accommodate faculty, staff and students who need to use public transportation now that SEPTA workers are on strike.
10/31/16 1:27am
University of the Sciences and Thomas Jefferson University likely held an advantage over Penn graduates in terms of the ranking because of their science and technology focus.
10/30/16 10:39pm

Cool, comfortable weather returns to campus this week

Thursday will be the warmest at a high of 70 degrees.
10/28/16 6:18pm
Penn Dining retail offers a variety of products, ranging from dartboards, flyswatters and Advil to Coca Cola and hand-packed fruit cups.
10/28/16 1:55pm

Warm weather returns to Philly for Halloween weekend

On Saturday, expect mostly sunny conditions with a high of 70 degrees.
10/26/16 10:47pm
See all the crimes committed in the Penn Patrol Zone between Oct. 14 and Oct. 20. 
10/26/16 10:27pm

Armed robbery at T-Mobile store on 34th and Chestnut streets prompts UPennAlert

An armed robbery occurred at 6:38 p.m. on Wednesday at 3441 Chestnut St., prompting a UPennAlert.  At that time, a robbery was reported in progress at the T-Mobile store, according to the Division of Public Safety. The suspect entered the store, indicated he had a gun and told the store clerk to open the cash register.
10/25/16 1:55am
With only two weeks until Election Day, most major polls are showing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as the strong favorite for president.