Haiku Corner | Oct. 2


Dan Davis to play?

Hanover, Ivy game awaits

Wilcox is ready


Neumann owns Saint Joe’s

Leads Quakers to Ithaca

Big matchup on tap


Bounce back from Crimson

Red and Blue ready for ‘war’

Goal: Beat the Big Red


Freshmen on the court

Friedler strong at libero

Lions, Big Red at Penn


Heroes to emerge

Dartmouth on the horizon

Watch out for Hoover


Divide and Conquer

That is cross country’s motto

Awad to help lead


Navy game is up

Cornell win came from big plays

Saturday night game

Haiku Corner | September 18

Welcome back to Haiku Corner, a place where Penn Athletics' upcoming weekend is summarized three lines at a time.

Flight to Florida

Bagnoli ready to go

Eyes on Torgersen

American goal

Sets Quakers back a little

Temple is up next

Forget loss to Tribe

Penn has many injuries

Sawczuk plays near home

Ivy play begins now

Penn looks to its strong attack

Weisenfels keeps on

Wagner's season starts

McCurdy and Beamish lead

Mansfield on live stream

Back from Golden State

Red and Blue morale quite high

Big 5 comes to Penn

Haiku Corner: September 11

You missed Haiku Corner, didn't you? The Buzz's signature poetry feature returns, previewing a fun weekend in Penn Athletics

Quakers head out west

Shake memory of Blue Hens

Face number one Stanford

Soccer in Seattle

Poplawski and Schott come home

Try to keep winning

Playing to a draw

Chevtchenko finds back of net

Next up is the Tribe

Fairfield comes to Penn

Quakers showing some true grit

Weisenfels in goal

Start of the season

Cross country takes on Big 5

Villanova top test

Jacksonville is near

King and co. quite excited

Freshmen ready as well

Locust Flaikus

After years of agonizing research, we've finally solved Ego's perennial question.  In a shocking twist of fate, scientists have confirmed that there are three kinds of people at Penn—those who love flyers, those who hate flyers, and those who have an unstoppable urge to write haikus about flyers.  We are in the latter camp.

We know what you're thinking—enough scholarly discourse, bring on the poetry! Ok, ok, we'll indulge you just this once.

Penn Singers Presents: Thoroughly Modern Millie

We tried out for this. They cast us as a coat rack. Come see our debut!

Penny Loafers Fall Show: Abercrombeat and Pitch

We lol'd at the theme. The show is close to Chili's. Fajita-rita.

Off the Beat Presents: Technicolor

Sceney aca group. Singing J.T.  We'll be there. CRY ME A RIIIIIVA!

Arts House Dance Company and Penn Masala Present: Flappers and Falsettos

Already sold out Aca-dance group love baby Hear our falsetto.

The Excelano Project Presents: Raindance

The best poetry Except for one fatal flaw, No Locust Flaikus.

Philly.Com Shares Our Love Of Haikus

Street loves haikus. We write haikus about ingredients like quinoa and kid classics like applesauce. We even enjoy writing about people who write haikus.

But are you a haiku champion? Philly.com is making our favorite 5/7/5 beat syllable poems a competitive sport with its Live Haiku Challenge. From 12-1 PM each day, there is a topic that you can write a haiku about. All submissions are posted live, so you can see what the competition comes up with. It's fun for all, but only the winner can declare: I AM HAIKU CHAMPION!

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Haiku, Will Travel

Everyone knows that Haikus are three lines of five, Seven and five beats.

This girl records a Haiku about a SEPTA Passenger each day.

Some profound; others Silly; all are compelling. Give her blog a glance.

(And of course reader Leave us a haiku of your Own as a comment.)

More respect: Stephen Danley or Rodney Dangerfield?


I showed up to tonight's game a half hour early, and Dartmouth was still shooting around. The Big Green student manager (he wasn't actually big or green, he was just an employee of the team) had carelessly left one of the team's scouting reports open, right in view of my courtside seat. I only got a look at the first page before he came over to get it, but something interesting caught my eye.

On the front page, there was a section entitled in huge bold letters: We must be ready to defend...

That was followed by a list of six things Dartmouth was focusing on.
#1 was "Transition break,"
#3 was "Dribble Penetration by #2 [Ibrahim Jaaber], #21 [Brian Grandieri], #24 [Mark Zoller],"
#4 listed Jaaber, Grandieri, Zoller and Kevin Egee as "shooters,"
and so on.

Stephen Danley, the best active big man in the Ivy League, wasn't featured on the list at all.

I suppose it came as a surprise to Dartmouth coach Terry Dunn, then, that Danley made mincemeat of the Big Green tonight. He finished with 15 points and nine rebounds, and could easily have had more if the outcome of the game hadn't been decided before the end of the first half.

The Penn man was the team's most consistent offensive weapon, and with a kinder rim tonight he would have been a lock for 20 and 10. He's been called out in the DP and elsewhere for his lackluster production in recent games, but if tonight was any indication of things to come, he can probably still pencil himself in for a first-team All-Ivy selection.

In the meantime, though, mark him down for a "Player of the Game" award.