Guest Columns

12/07/16 9:28pm
My Response to Penn Students for Justice in Palestine The teddy bears placed around Locust Walk this past Thursday by Penn Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) undoubtedly evoked strong emotions.
10/02/16 11:32pm

Guest column by Scott McRobert | In response to the plan to euthanize the turtles in the Biopond

In response to the story in The Daily Pennsylvanian about the plan to euthanize the turtles in the pond on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.
04/07/15 10:05pm
Just over a month ago, the undergraduates voted whether Penn should divest from fossil fuels, and an overwhelming 87.8 percent of participants voted yes.
02/25/15 12:34am

Guest column by Emily Turner | Response to 'Open Letter from members of the Penn Law School Faculty'

In your Open Letter of last week, you set aside your own political disagreements to denigrate policies that could lead to safety and educational equality.
02/22/15 11:54pm

Guest column by Sasha Klebnikov| Divestment is dangerous

To save our planet, we must focus on actions that have an impact, instead of symbolic actions that feel good but have little real-world benefit.
11/06/14 1:07pm

Guest column by Nikita Agarwal, Sophia Tareen, Vivek Nimgaonkar and Vishal Patel| Finding a cure to Penn's pre-med culture

It’s easy to understand how pre-medical students can constantly feel overwhelmed by a sense of competition here at Penn.
10/04/14 1:31pm

Guest column by Sean Massa | Falling through the cracks: my experiences with Penn IIP

At an institution that boasts of its numerous opportunities available to all students, I was a system blip that went down unnoticed. After declaring my departure from the program, I was instantly and somewhat viciously asked by Penn Global staff to return all previous funding.
09/16/14 10:34pm

Guest column by the Government and Politics Association | Beyond partisan

The question here is not “Democrat or Non-Democrat.” The question here is not even “Democrat or Republican.” The real question is “liberal, conservative, independent, libertarian, socialist, progressive or none of the above.”
09/15/14 11:01pm
We must realize that the institutional popularity of colleges and sports programs is nowhere near as important as the lives and livelihoods of the innocent women, and men, they so readily sweep under the rug. Until then, an insidious culture that protects the image of influential organizations at whatever cost will continue to prevail.
09/14/14 11:38pm
All in all, our political stance is complex, compelling and, most importantly, critical to the continued success of this phenomenal country.
09/13/14 4:27pm
There is a problem when men dominate both the attendance and the questions of political on-campus events. There is a problem when women who hold leadership positions stick out because of their gender. There is a problem when girls like me, who rarely pay attention to these things, start to worry.
09/10/14 9:48pm
Last semester I took “Communication and the Presidency," taught by David Eisenhower in the Annenberg School. A hidden gem of Penn, the course provided a stipend to fly to any Presidential Library to do research for the course’s assignment of a 30-page paper. I flew to Dallas, Texas, where I studied George W. Bush’s epideictic rhetoric in his three major post-9/11 speeches.
04/17/14 6:50pm

Guest column by Edward Scott | A call to end the ban on MSM blood donation

Since 1983, straight people have had the privilege of not needing to have an internal conversation about whether their blood is worthy. They will not have the experience of being in a student organization’s meeting where a blood drive is chosen as the next philanthropic event, knowing they cannot participate due to their sexuality.
04/14/14 6:11pm

Guest column by Penn for Palestine | What you will not Learn on a Free Trip to Israel

We believe that the Ivy Plus Leadership  Mission to Israel, whether it be intentional or unintentional, will in fact obscure and hide many of the oppressive actions of the Israeli government that are categorically wrong and illegal.
04/13/14 6:13pm

Guest column by Lauren Tedeschi | Joining the Philadelphian Consciousness: The Year of the Veteran

This community exemplifies the power of shared experience as an unspoken bond between veterans, creating a forum for mutual understanding and hope. Veterans of the VMC community are eager to be heard by the ear of an individual with a genuine desire to support them. But there is more to be done.
04/08/14 6:30pm

Guest column by the Student Activities Council | A timeline for the moratorium

As the SAC Executive Board, we will continue to encourage and support a robust student life on campus, while upholding our duty to make fiscally responsible decisions.
03/31/14 6:41pm

Guest column by Sebastian Negron-Reichard | On my UA experience

The UA is not an airport shuttle club, as I have heard some people say. For most, if not all, of the representatives, it is an innate call to do something productive with their lives while fostering a better University.
03/23/14 8:53pm

Guest column by Joyce Kim and Joshua Chilcote | Working with you, for you

At the end of the day, this isn’t about House of Cards politics.  People aren’t pawns, they’re people.
03/23/14 8:51pm

Guest column by Gabe Delaney and Julie Bittar | It's about leadership, not salesmanship

W e make a point of saying that we want to take the UA in a  fundamentally new direction.
03/20/14 6:15pm

Guest column by Shana Frankel | Let's discuss sensitivity

I should not have to defend my need of missing class due to my religious observance.
03/19/14 7:14pm

Guest column by J Street U Penn | Unproductive dialogue

We need to demonstrate to the Hillel of Greater Philadelphia that maliciously stifling its member groups is not acceptable.
02/26/14 6:19pm

Guest column by Michale Goldberger | Action for academic freedom

The ASA’s boycott undermines the pursuit of education by limiting academic freedom, and therefore, by continuing to support the ASA, Penn is directly opposing its academic purpose by being part of the ASA.
02/23/14 7:45pm

Guest Column by Chase Harrow | What's obvious in your courses

A lot of the humanities have to do with how important it is to understand and love other people, and while that’s something so obvious that Barney the Dinosaur knows it, that doesn’t make it easy.
02/19/14 6:20pm

Guest column by Rob'n Laurelli | Not a joke

My identity as a person of color - and my experiences as a former member of a low-income neighborhood - is not something that can be easily taken off like a baseball cap and sweatpants and tacky chains worn at a frat party.
02/17/14 5:43pm

Guest column by Denzel Cummings, Abrina Hyatt, Abel McDaniels, Diana Cabrera, Katherine Mateo and Dawn Androphy | More than a theme, not just a costume

As six concerned members of the Penn community who strive to foster multicultural dialogue, we find the general trend of parties that serve to culturally objectify and vilify certain groups on campus deeply concerning.
02/12/14 6:02pm

Guest Column by Luis Vargas | Cinco de Febrero is not a Mexican holiday

It is a shame that there are members of the Penn community that feel comfortable throwing a party with a theme that is blatantly racist.
02/12/14 6:01pm

Guest column by Jonathan Paz | Enough is enough

Call it what you want — the struggle bus, the grind, hell week — it is a road to exhaustion, depression and worse. It is a road of alienation, high expectations to succeed and an unspoken pressure to not appear to fail — at anything.
02/12/14 5:58pm

Letter to the Editor | SLAP endorses John Hanger for Pennsylvania Governor

John Hanger’s platform prioritizes human rights that are currently under attack, such as public education, good jobs and a healthy environment.
02/09/14 9:44pm

Guest Column by Nikki Hardison | Fighting the stigma within ourselves

When you live in a society that demands so much of your existence, life does not stop when you feel sad. For many of our families, especially without the information or resources, mental health is often misunderstood and something we’re forced to suck up.
02/07/14 12:50pm

Guest Column by Leah Geoghegan | An ongoing conversation

It not just reaching out in the moment that counts, but maintaining an ongoing conversation with students.