Staff Editorials

04/23/12 1:06am
For Republicans, Romney stands out as the best choice. In comparison to Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, Romney has adopted a moderate stance and will pose the most productive challenge to President Barack Obama on key political and economic fronts.
04/11/12 1:54am

Editorial | How sexual assault stacks up

One in four college women have survived rape or attempted rape, according to Department of Justice estimates. The number of women who report incidents, however, does not stack up.
04/02/12 1:16am

Editorial | Keeping promises. Crazy, right?

Now that the polls have closed and campaign posters are ready to retire from their spots on Locust Walk, we’d like to see newly elected members learn from each other and strive to create a more collaborative atmosphere within the UA.
03/26/12 1:43am

Editorial | Our Undergraduate Assembly endorsements

College sophomore Dan Bernick and College and Wharton sophomore Abe Sutton have the qualities to lead the UA as President and Vice President respectively.
03/16/12 12:19am

Editorial | Unravelling immigration

Chairez put a face to undocumented students across the United States and used her story in order to advocate for another individual.
02/27/12 1:02am

Editorial | Beyond the harsh reality

While a Penn education does not and should not take place in an ivory tower, it is the University’s responsibility to equip its students with the ability to think beyond the “harsh realities” of our time.
02/06/12 1:21am

Editorial | Behind the rhetoric

Penn BDS can be thanked for reinvigorated debates about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict among students, but the quality of these debates — which took place in closed circles — remains to be questioned.
01/31/12 2:07am

Editorial | Step away from the haze

If the UA stays on the alcohol policy review committee, the proposal is doomed for failure. The confirmed hazing incidents have tarnished the UA’s credibility among students, faculty and administrators.
01/27/12 1:39am

Editorial | Taking signs seriously

Arguments that Penn should not allow students to pursue ASL as part of a traditional minor because it lacks the same legitimacy as Chinese, Spanish, French or Arabic, are not grounded in truth.
01/11/12 12:15am
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12/01/11 1:19am

Editorial | A change of occupation

Now that the circumstances of Occupy Philadelphia have shifted, the movement itself must shift as well.
11/29/11 1:26am

Editorial | Make diversity a priority

For the good of Penn’s student body — and for the good of society — economic diversity must remain a top priority.
11/10/11 1:30am

Editorial | Clearing the haze

Hazing within the UA should not be tolerated — now is the time to address the larger issue.
11/02/11 1:40am

Editorial | A resource worth improving

It’s important to bring attention to problems with Penn Course Review, but the solution cannot be to stop using it altogether.
10/24/11 1:15am

Editorial | A bubble burst

The events that occurred on campus after Eric Cantor canceled his lecture exemplified both the best and the worst of our community — and raised questions of access.
09/30/11 1:30am

Editorial | Financial mismanagement

SAC’s new repayment plan is an effective way to make student groups accountable for their spending. But it absolutely should not have taken SAC so long to act.
09/19/11 12:20am

Editorial | Field of dreams

Penn Park has a multitude of benefits, but the question remains — will students actually go that far east to utilize it?
09/15/11 10:13pm

Letter from the Editor | Addressing your concerns

The Daily Pennsylvanian does not endorse any advertisements printed in its pages.
08/30/11 10:45pm

Editorial | A curfew that works

The curfew is an effective short-term solution to curbing crime but must soon be followed up with long-term policies that address the underlying contributors to the violence.
07/28/11 3:11am

Editorial | A plan of action

We commend the University’s Diversity Action Plan and hope that individual schools extend its tenets. The University should have a strong presence in the planning process for each school.