Staff Editorials

02/05/15 1:15am
Before we can even look at paying PILOTs as a yes-or-no issue, there are many questions that need to be answered. From the effectiveness of Penn’s community programming to the City’s allocation of PILOT funds, these concerns need to be addressed as part of the much-needed conversations regarding the status of public education in Philadelphia and the University’s relationship with the community.
12/10/13 6:01pm

Editorial | Impoverished at Penn, part one: the institutional issue

Just 12 percent of Penn students estimate that they come from a household making under 50,000 — less than the 13 percent who would estimate that their parents make over $450,000.
12/10/13 5:55pm

Editorial | Impoverished at Penn, part two: reconsidering culture

We’ve been less willing to look critically at aspects of Penn culture that create these social divisions and discuss actions we can all take to promote discussion about money at Penn.
11/25/13 5:22pm

Editorial | Group Study Reconsidered

We would like to tell the many students in an uproar over the injustice of “good study spaces” only being available to Wharton students to kindly calm down.
11/17/13 8:24pm

Editorial | Defacement isn’t discourse

Those who disagree certainly have a right to protest Penn Secular Society, but we would encourage them to find more productive ways of protest.
11/12/13 9:26pm

Editorial | Housing hullabaloo

We do believe that there are significant shortcomings in the existing housing system.
11/03/13 6:58pm

Editorial | The rent is too damn high

There is no real reason Penn should be charging students to use campus space for legitimate extracurricular activities.
10/31/13 9:22pm

Editorial | In need of a cultural shift

Students and administrators alike need to re-evaluate how we approach, respond to and inform ourselves about sexual assault at Penn.
10/31/13 9:13pm

Editorial | Setting a (minimum) standard

We believe that anyone found guilty of sexual assault should be suspended from campus for at least a semester.
10/23/13 8:40pm

Editorial | Hip, Hub, hooray

We thank Facilities and Real Estate Services for bringing more retail dining options to campus that are not only in tune with student interests and preferences but also healthy, unique and local businesses.
10/20/13 7:28pm

Editorial | Not so hot

That said, it’s not all on the creators of the game. Altogether, students — both those who detest the game and those who find it fun — have spent hours on the site.
10/16/13 3:45pm

Editorial | Wanted: attendance

If even a 40-plus-year-old Penn tradition can’t entice students to show some Penn pride, it begs the question of why Penn Athletics is so adamant about charging students to see basketball games.
10/14/13 7:29pm

Editorial | Structural unemployment?

We can ensure that students who want to work can do so by fixing the existing work-study system, rather than adding to it.
10/08/13 9:28pm

Editorial | At a crossroads

We think both the local government and Penn should take steps to make 38th and Spruce safer.
10/06/13 7:15pm

Editorial | Dude, where's my philanthropy

We’d like to see not only big names at these events, but people whose lives have been defined more by their work on the ground than by what they did before giving back.
09/26/13 8:59pm

Editorial | Food for thought

We were glad that the administration reached out to us in the first place. But transparency and collaboration on the front end need to carry over throughout the whole process.
09/11/13 6:33pm

Editorial | Fading memories

Perhaps in a few years, 9/11 will be yet another tragically storied day that future students can only relate to through stories, textbooks and movies. But that time hasn’t come yet.
08/27/13 10:02pm

Dear freshmen…

To help you out, here’s a list of things we wish we had been told — or wish we had listened to — when we were in your shoes.
07/16/13 12:12pm

Editorial | Representing Penn — not just 'the game'

As the very students about whom Taylor makes overarching generalizations, we are disappointed that she failed to account for the rich diversity of our student body by only acknowledging the responses of a subset of single, straight women — an unrepresentative sample tainted by its homogeneity.
04/19/13 12:21am

Editorial | Time to act

While this bill was not a large step, it was progress, it was momentum, it could have been precedent. With it, we could have moved forward — still together — and talked about what more we could do. The fact that we can do nothing is just ridiculous.