Opinion Columns

02/08/17 10:20pm
It’s only my third column of the semester, and I am already wracking my brains to think of something to write about.
02/08/17 10:19pm
The minute I stepped out of my uncle’s car and arrived at Harrison College House, I should have known that my life would change forever.
02/07/17 10:55pm
Allyship is not found in those who wear a safety pin, but in those who dedicate their efforts towards diminishing the inequities that cause protests in the first place.
02/06/17 9:14pm
On Monday, 97 Companies issued a joint statement going against the “Muslim Ban” executive order.
02/06/17 9:12pm
Despite the title, this article will not serve as some sort of rallying cry to raise the minimum wage nor will it attempt to explain the complicated nature of universal basic income.
02/05/17 11:34pm
One week after his inauguration, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order indefinitely halting the resettlement of Syrian refugees and temporarily banning people from seven Muslim-majority nations from traveling into the United States.
02/05/17 11:33pm
“We cannot buy our security, our freedom from the threat of the bomb by committing an immorality so great as saying to a billion human beings now enslaved behind the Iron Curtain: give up your dreams of freedom, because to save our own skins, we're willing to make a deal with your slave masters.” – Ronald Reagan, 1964 Today, we face a different enemy, with different victims, and a different immorality.
02/03/17 5:52pm
GROUP THINK is The DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
02/01/17 10:08pm
Contrary to what most people told me before leaving, my first experience studying abroad in England was not a pleasant one.
02/01/17 9:39pm
You could smell the urgency in the air on Sunday, as scores of Penn students suspended their studies and sped to Philadelphia’s International Airport. None of these students would be boarding flights; they were going to register their protest to President Donald Trump’s Executive Order, penned to prohibit entry to the United States by citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. The order was decidedly un-American. Prohibiting the entry of hundreds of millions of people around the world, based solely on their national origin betrays our history as a nation of immigrants.
01/31/17 11:15pm
In the era of rampant “fake news” and “alternative facts,” now more than ever we have a moral obligation to seek truth to inform our dissent.
01/31/17 10:54pm
One of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. states “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” It causes me to think about all the hidden contributions people have made through time that have played a major role in constructing who I am.
01/30/17 10:30pm
Maybe it’s because I’m graduating from Penn soon, but I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on how I came to be here in the first place.
01/30/17 10:27pm
The notion of mutual exclusivity in your education – that your studies either have to be an inch deep and a mile wide or an inch wide and a mile deep – should not exist at Penn. The width of your education refers to the range of disciplines that you study, while the depth emphasizes how much you choose to specialize.
01/30/17 3:15pm
GROUP THINK is The DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
01/29/17 10:00pm
In Korea, you are considered one year old at birth, and turn a year older on the first day of every New Year thereafter.
01/29/17 10:00pm
At The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Opinion Section we have a cardinal rule: Don’t feed the trolls! This is because — as is true in all online forums — divisive opinions tend to generate callous responses and replying to volatile comments usually just fuels the flame.
01/25/17 10:32pm
Today’s column is a love letter to avoidance. Today, we are here to talk about “ghosting.” To quote Google, ghosting is “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.” I would like to note that this definition refers not just to romantic relationships, but all personal relationships, and that the definition could lend itself to mutual detachment.
01/25/17 10:31pm
To all my black queer students at Penn, I just wanted to say: I love you. And that's it. This is not a piece proposing solutions.
01/24/17 10:24pm
As a member of the track team, my first experience with the Penn track team was outside on a brisk sunny day in late August.