Opinion Columns

04/18/17 11:00pm
I have a confession. Throughout college my most frequent response to the question, “How did you two meet?” has been “on Tinder” — or some lie which concealed this fact.
04/18/17 11:00pm
This past week, I had the opportunity to attend an event titled “Exploring Masculinity” in the Women’s Center here at Penn.
04/17/17 11:29pm
Every Penn student complains of being overworked and stressed. There are rigorous classes and all the hours they entail, clubs and teams that require significant time commitments, friends to hang out with and parties to go to, places to explore and restaurants to try.
04/16/17 9:47pm
The College Republicans staunchly support this administration’s decisive action against tyranny and oppression.
04/16/17 9:45pm
The footage that came out of Syria last week is beyond description. Bashar Al Assad’s chemical attack against his own people is nearly impossible to watch.
04/12/17 10:12pm
Hospital visits seem, to me, to always reinforce the necessity of human beings in each other’s lives.
04/12/17 9:18pm
When you hear Silicon Valley types discuss the colleges that produce the best and brightest of the startup world, Penn’s name is certainly mentioned.
04/12/17 8:50pm
BEN CLAAR is a College sophomore from Scarsdale, N.Y.
04/12/17 8:39pm
Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on inclusive teaching, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning — the group on campus charged with helping Penn instructors with their teaching and generally improving the quality of education at Penn.
04/11/17 8:55pm
I have never believed in a curving system when it comes to grading, and, similar to many, it was a rude awakening for me when I came to Penn.
04/11/17 7:58pm
How can college students achieve their policy goals in the era of Trump? An overlooked answer lies in pursuing policy preferences in states legislatures and governor’s mansions.
04/10/17 10:38pm
I was struck by something Alec Baldwin said near the end of his talk at Penn on Friday. When asked what advice he would give to college students, Baldwin immediately replied that we ought to travel, to explore the world when we are single, young and free.
04/09/17 10:21pm
Every one of us, no matter our political views, has a campus issue that we’re passionate about.
04/09/17 10:10pm
Like thousands of other students, I was added to the ‘Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club” group on Facebook recently, and my news feed has since been flooded with memes about all things Penn.
04/09/17 8:55pm
GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
04/05/17 9:52pm
I remember the spring of my senior year of high school visiting Makuu Black Cultural Center during Quaker days.
04/05/17 9:51pm
In my Africana Studies class, we talk a lot about perspective: how things that seem acceptable or normal to a society at a given point in history can often seem incomprehensible to that same society several generations later.
04/04/17 8:42pm
Mental health. Two words every Penn student has heard before they set foot on Locust walk. We all know just how prevalent conversations about mental health have become and its relation to tragedy, campus culture and administration.
04/03/17 11:52pm
Last week the winners of the President's Engagement Prize were announced. I scrolled past the subject line in my inbox and clicked delete.
04/03/17 11:45pm
I spent a long time wondering what topic I should write on today. I found it very difficult to pick a stance on anything.