11/29/16 1:20am
Ethnic intimidation, which is another legal term for hate crimes, is an overt action coupled with targeting an individual of a group which falls under the statue.
11/28/16 12:01am
Caffé Bene, a South Korean chain, recently opened a location near Penn’s campus on 38th and Chestnut streets.
11/20/16 12:54pm
Experts are unsure how much the price of certain beverages will increase once Philadelphia’s “soda tax” goes into effect on Jan. 1.
11/15/16 3:47pm
The Trust hopes to raise $10,000 dollars from the GoFundMe page, on top of the $66,000 the foundation has already raised. 
11/15/16 2:24am
A networking event called 'Young Friendsgiving' showcased three new restaurants around the city on Monday night. 
11/15/16 12:30am
Last night, we experienced the natural phenomenon of a supermoon. This astrological event only happens once every several decades — the last supermoon occurred 69 years ago.
11/14/16 2:21am
Philadelphia will likely see between 25 and 30 inches of snow this winter season.
11/14/16 1:58am
The Provost’s Summer Mentor Program and Science Technology Engineering, Mathematics Mentoring Program have helped Philadelphia students navigate the college-application process, which leads some of them back to Locust Walk.