Police arrest South, Walnut St. bridge suspect

The Philadelphia Police have arrested the person whom they and Penn Police believe is responsible for a string of robberies on the Center City side of the South and Walnut street bridges.
11/21/13 10:18pm

Liquor store opens at 43rd and Chestnut

The Wine & Spirits superstore at 43rd and Chestnut streets opened on Tuesday, giving away free samples to customers.
09/11/13 12:07am

Penn Design to help shape Ben Franklin Parkway

While the Benjamin Franklin Parkway may appear to be nothing more than a congested traffic lane, PennPraxis, the School of Design’s applied research arm, is trying to redefine how Philadelphians view its place in the community.
02/27/13 12:10am


Penn offices expand east to 30th and Walnut

Penn will lease 100,000 square feet of the FMC Tower at the Cira Centre South, a 47-story building on 30th and Walnut streets that will open in 2016. 11/21/13 8:52pm

Phila. pushes to release more city data to citizens

Those seeking information about the City of Brotherly Love are finding their lives much easier as of late.
02/04/13 10:36pm

Hurricane Sandy disrupts travel plans out of Philadelphia

On Sunday afternoon, a line for an Amtrak train out of Philadelphia stretched nearly the length of 30th Street Station, Philadelphia’s central regional rail hub. Screens around the station projected precautionary evacuation procedure plans and exits.
10/28/12 4:09pm

Wesley Vaughn | A ‘good part of town,’ but for whom?

This August, along with reminding me to ignore the liberals and to enjoy Penn State, my family members and neighbors advised me to avoid the “bad parts of town.”
09/16/12 11:53pm