Beyond Penn

01/17/15 2:00am
From fashion to prison, the Daily Pennsylvanian took a look at alumni changing the world for better and for worse.
12/04/14 1:56am
You can find just about anything on the Las Vegas strip, including a preschool dedicated to teaching youngsters entrepreneurial skills.
11/25/14 9:16pm
Career Services launched a new webpage specifically for veteran students last week.
11/24/14 3:47am
Wahoo's Fish Taco has recently opened their first east coast location on 31st and Chestnut streets. The eatery specializes in burritos, enchiladas and of course, tacos, including a new salsa made from four different types of chiles. Locally sourced items range from 3 to 10 dollars, and the restaurant is stocked with a full bar. 
11/24/14 3:27am
Kate Middleton has been spotted dozens of times wearing his “corkswoons.” Beyonce loves that she danced “a thousand miles” in his heels.
11/03/14 3:25am

Student launches startup that connects startups

Today marks the official release of LaunchQuad, a website that gives information about Penn affiliated start-ups. The site, which also lists job openings, currently has 14 member companies and counting.
10/27/14 1:32am
College 2006 graduate Adam Weber, along with College 2007 graduate Jimmy Goldblum, co-produced and co-directed a documentary called “Tomorrow We Disappear,” which premiered last weekend. The film was inspired by Salman Rushdie’s novel "Midnight’s Children," written in 1981 about India’s transition from British Colonialism to independence to British partition.
10/06/14 1:42am
Jara Krys, a transgender student on a leave of absence from Penn, went into sex work to pay the bills.