11/17/16 12:56am
On Nov. 16, following the Faculty Senate meeting, the Senate and various standing faculty participated in a solidarity march in opposition to racist GroupMe messages targeting black freshmen.
11/16/16 1:39am
Faculty from all four undergraduate schools signed the letter, which highlighted the passage of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an immigration policy implemented in 2012 to grant undocumented immigrants who entered the country before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 with temporary protection from deportation.
11/16/16 1:24am
Penn Course Review was recently updated with ratings for last semester's classes — but once again, there are no new written reviews.
11/16/16 1:20am
The officer, Joseph Lewis, claimed he was fired because he maintained facial hair, which is reportedly against University policy. His skin condition, primarily affects black men and stems from an issue with ingrown hairs that create bumps every time he shaves, Billy Penn reported. 
11/15/16 2:19am
Kenyon Bonner, Vice Provost and Dean of Students at the University of Pittsburgh, is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in the Graduate School of Education.
11/13/16 4:44pm
The three students linked to the GroupMe live in Oklahoma. One of the students, who attends the University of Oklahoma, has been temporarily suspended.
11/10/16 10:15am
Over two dozen Penn students staged a sit-in Thursday morning outside Penn President Amy Gutmann’s office in College Hall.
11/10/16 9:00am
The protesters will refuse to leave until their demands are met by the administration. 
11/09/16 4:41pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann released a statement at the meeting where she criticized the "bitter" election, but did not mention Donald Trump by name. 
11/08/16 2:54am
About five years ago, Penn began to take steps to devote institutional resources toward increasing and sustaining faculty diversity.
11/08/16 12:28am
The drainage of the BioPond was completed on Oct. 27, the first step in the Kaskey Garden and Greenhouse Committee’s process of restoring the ecological health to the pond without euthanizing the invasive species of turtle that currently live there.
11/07/16 2:34am
In 2015, then-Engineering seniors Adrian Lievano and Matt Lisle won the President’s Engagement Prize, a $200,000 grant for graduating Penn students who have a plan to change the world.
11/07/16 1:57am
The Office of the Ombudsman, a campus office that handles various conflicts among students, faculty, staff and even parents of students, recently released its 2015-16 report.
11/04/16 5:40pm
The task force will include administrators, faculty and students and is charged with fostering a campus climate free of sexual violence and harassment and ensuring that unrecognized groups are held "accountable" for violations of University policy.
11/03/16 11:51pm
While Career Services reviews each employer who registers for PennLink, recent scammers have become "increasingly crafty."
11/03/16 2:57am
At least two of the students reported struggling to afford food. 
10/31/16 1:34am
While Halloween night may be quieter this year, there have been many years past where shocking events occurred.
10/31/16 1:27am
University of the Sciences and Thomas Jefferson University likely held an advantage over Penn graduates in terms of the ranking because of their science and technology focus.
10/29/16 9:23pm
University Trustees have long wished to see a Quaker in the Oval Office, according to 1987 College graduate and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.
10/29/16 5:41pm
Nested in the Lower Schuylkill area, the Pennovation Center is both an extension to Penn’s campus and a contribution to the larger scientific community of Philadelphia.