07/19/17 8:53am
Employees praised Penn Medicine's culture, which values hard work, intelligence and playfulness. 
07/14/17 5:45pm
The most recent such ranking, published by MONEY, a magazine part of Time, Inc., listed Penn 27th on a list of the 711 "best colleges for your money."
07/11/17 5:17pm
A New York Times piece from 2011 called Herbert Hovenkamp “the dean of American antitrust law.”
06/27/17 9:54am
Sniegowski will take the reins on July 1 from Andy Binns, who filled in as interim dean in the spring while Dennis DeTurck, the longtime College dean, was on a leave of absence.
06/23/17 7:15pm
"The one thing that I think that most of Penn doesn't know is that he brought this center from absolutely nothing to the biggest campus LGBT center in the United States," Sean Collins, a rising senior in the College and the chair of the Lambda Alliance said. 
06/21/17 6:00pm
If you noticed a delay in email services from your Penn email account, this might be the reason. 
06/21/17 5:11pm
Uram, the executive director of Penn Hillel and campus rabbi, received the Edgar M. Bronfman Award at the annual Hillel International Gala in New York City.
06/21/17 9:08am
As part of the scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees last week, the Facilities and Campus Planning Committee discussed Penn's newest investment projects, including the Penn Medicine Pavilion.
06/14/17 10:11pm
Penn's a large University. Here are some of the most notable administrators you'll be sure to see a lot more of once school starts. 
06/13/17 9:34pm
This change comes after a consideration by the Admissions Office to delete the Facebook group for admitted students. Access to the page provided the means for an admitted student to collect contact information from the page and add black freshmen to a racist group chat in November.
06/05/17 9:48pm
The group penned an open letter to Penn President Amy Gutmann, Chair of the Board of Trustees David L. Cohen and the rest of the trustees.
06/05/17 12:47pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian broke down the factors behind President Amy Gutmann's latest pay raise.
06/03/17 7:50pm
Gutmann has said Penn would continue to "speak out against powerful political people who put out policies that would be against our core mission." 
06/02/17 2:44pm
The Higher Ed Leaders Forum, a two-day conference organized on May 31 and June 1 by the New York Times, brought together leaders from Universities such as Penn and Harvard University to discuss free speech, race relations and other issues affecting colleges today.
05/31/17 10:17pm
The Philadelphia statute prohibits employers from asking for an applicant’s wage history, a practice shown to adversely affect the salaries of women and people of color. Although passed by unanimous vote in December, the law has sparked strong resistance and is now in suspension pending litigation.
05/24/17 9:00am
Gutmann's compensation package, a 6.09 percent increase from what she brought home in 2014, remains one of the highest in the country. 
05/22/17 8:30am
Johns Hopkins' Board of Trustees Secretary Maureen Marsh told The Daily Pennsylvanian that Gutmann was chosen due to her status as one of higher education’s most respected leaders.
05/19/17 10:27am
Even after international students secure a sponsor for the H-1B visa, they still have to enter a lottery system for the visa which is known for having a low acceptance rate. In 2016, only 85,000 visas were granted out of 236,000 applications.
05/18/17 10:51pm
At least 11 local businesses have closed in the past year, including Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, Doc Magrogan's Oyster House, Bridge Cafe and the Fresh Grocer.
05/18/17 2:56pm
"Penn has it all," according to Travel + Leisure magazine, "eclectic and varied architecture, plenty of trees, and even a park with views of the Philadelphia skyline."