02/16/17 11:41pm
A student speaker from the UA spoke at the meeting, saying that if tuition increases as steadily as it has been, it will cost over $100,000 in 11 years to attend Penn. “Where will the red line be?” he asked.
02/16/17 11:32pm
Previously, students or alumni who wanted to transfer their medical records to a third party — like a future medical provider — had to obtain a print copy of the records, to be scanned or mailed.
02/14/17 8:19pm
Penn's place in national college sustainability rankings varies drastically. On two different lists Penn ranks third, and 37th, and was completely left off Princeton Review's top 50 Green Colleges. 
02/12/17 9:52pm
Counseling and Psychological Services at Penn will extend its hours to evenings and weekends and will expand its outreach by placing full-time staff members in professional schools.
02/09/17 8:54pm

Parents sue a Nebraska college after daughter's suicide

Larios' parents say that she died after months of physical and emotional abuse by her boyfriend, a fellow student at the college. In their lawsuit, her parents accuse the school of negligence.
02/09/17 8:39am
Classes will also begin at noon, the Weather Advisory said. 
02/07/17 7:16pm
“A lot of people are too scared to leave for summer,” College and Wharton sophomore Zuhaib Badami said. “I think the safe choice is to stay in the country at least until the 90-day period is over, or at least until we’ve seen people come in and out without an issue.”
02/02/17 7:41pm
The letter is direct: "We write as presidents of leading American colleges and universities to urge you to rectify or rescind the recent executive order closing our country’s borders to immigrants and others from seven majority-Muslim countries and to refugees from throughout the world," it reads.
02/01/17 9:11pm
College and Wharton freshman Michael Moroz said the University should not take a stance on political issues, such as Trump's executive order on immigration, because it “threatens to alienate students who hold reasonable but different beliefs from many on this campus.”
01/30/17 10:36pm
Nine professors at Penn joined hundreds of educators across the country to sign an open letter saying that Carson is “completely unqualified to promote appropriate solutions to the pressing housing and urban development needs facing our country.”
01/29/17 8:18pm
The lack of a clear grieving policy at Penn prompted the group to work with Penn’s administration to coordinate more specific guidelines for bereavement and grief support issues for students.
01/29/17 9:29am
The statement did not mention President Donald Trump by name, in keeping with Penn's pattern of declining to acknowledge their most famous alumnus even as he has assumed the nation's highest office. 
01/24/17 3:16pm
As of Jan. 23, he was omitted from the University Archives and Records Center's list of alumni heads of state or government. Trump's name was added on Jan. 24, after The Daily Pennsylvanian Opinion Board reached out to him about the issue.
01/23/17 8:33pm
Every year, the NEC holds a semester long election process to allocate nine undergraduate seats on the University Council to representatives of Penn student groups that feel mis- or underrepresented.
01/19/17 9:11pm
The Human Pancreas Analysis Program, led by Penn Medicine professors Ali Naji and Klaus Kaestner, will bring together researchers from multiple disciplines at Penn to analyze the human pancreas. 
01/18/17 9:47pm

Wage discrimination bill could address gender wage gap among Penn faculty

Wage discrimination, particularly the pay gap between white men and their female and minority counterparts, dominated conversations last election cycle.
01/18/17 8:21pm
Don’t expect an influx of students next year: Penn’s target freshman class size will remain at 2,445 students for the Class of 2021.
01/18/17 7:53pm
Jameson received a total compensation package of $2,665,721 in fiscal year 2014-15, making him the second highest compensated administrator at Penn after Gutmann. 
01/17/17 5:28pm
A FRES employee told a Daily Pennsylvanian editor that he was instructed to drown out the protesters, but a Penn spokesperson denied any such command. 
01/12/17 8:38pm
Biden recently confirmed that he would be "based out of Penn for foreign policy" after leaving office on a hot mic at the mock swearing-in ceremony for senators.