08/23/17 7:05am
Do you know all the Trumps who went to Penn?
08/22/17 4:19pm
Pan-Asian student leaders said conservatives concerned about discrimination against Asian Americans in the admissions process should focus on other issues Asian Americans struggle with such as the "bamboo ceiling."
08/13/17 1:08pm
The pro-union group Graduate Employees Together — University of Pennsylvania, better known as GET-UP, blasted Amy Wax's op-ed as "hateful and regressive" and called on Penn President Amy Gutmann to condemn it.
08/09/17 9:50pm
"There is no change in our admissions policy for the 2017 – 2018 cycle," said Renee Post, Penn Law associate dean for admissions and financial aid, in a statement.
08/08/17 2:14pm
A selected group of rising fifth-year undergraduates in the Engineering School will continue to receive financial aid for the coming semester but not for any semesters after that, according to the Bioengineering department's email. 
08/08/17 9:39am
Penn contested the terms of a crucial vote at the National Labor Relations Board for three months, delaying the efforts of pro-union graduate students. 
08/04/17 3:47am
Johnathan Smith, 21, was studying mechanical engineering and was involved in the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society. 
08/02/17 8:09pm
Until legislators can find a way to fund the Pennsylvania state budget, Penn and three other state-related Universities will not receive funding. 
07/26/17 4:35pm
During an appointment in Leonard Rosenfeld's office on the premises of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, a patient claims he hypnotized her before sexually assaulting her.
07/26/17 10:27am
For some students, the name changes mask a policy that does not appear to have been enforced consistently or explained entirely accurately by financial aid officers.
07/25/17 5:44pm
In a report made public this month, state inspectors at the Pennsylvania Department of Health found that janitorial staff had failed to successfully clean the hospital bed railings back in the fall. 
07/24/17 5:08pm
Hundreds of rising fifth-year students found out through Facebook that they don't have access to financial aid beyond eight semesters. For some, this is a direct contradiction of what was told to them by the University in previous years. 
07/19/17 8:53am
Employees praised Penn Medicine's culture, which values hard work, intelligence and playfulness. 
07/14/17 5:45pm
The most recent such ranking, published by MONEY, a magazine part of Time, Inc., listed Penn 27th on a list of the 711 "best colleges for your money."
07/11/17 5:17pm
A New York Times piece from 2011 called Herbert Hovenkamp “the dean of American antitrust law.”
06/27/17 9:54am
Sniegowski will take the reins on July 1 from Andy Binns, who filled in as interim dean in the spring while Dennis DeTurck, the longtime College dean, was on a leave of absence.
06/23/17 7:15pm
"The one thing that I think that most of Penn doesn't know is that he brought this center from absolutely nothing to the biggest campus LGBT center in the United States," Sean Collins, a rising senior in the College and the chair of the Lambda Alliance said. 
06/21/17 6:00pm
If you noticed a delay in email services from your Penn email account, this might be the reason. 
06/21/17 5:11pm
Uram, the executive director of Penn Hillel and campus rabbi, received the Edgar M. Bronfman Award at the annual Hillel International Gala in New York City.
06/21/17 9:08am
As part of the scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees last week, the Facilities and Campus Planning Committee discussed Penn's newest investment projects, including the Penn Medicine Pavilion.