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Kyle Henson | A thesis to top it off

Penn isn’t the only one of its peers that doesn’t require senior theses. But schools that have made it a requirement view it as a cornerstone of the undergraduate educational experience.

Kyle Henson | Change even Matisse could believe in

This failure seems to hint at a pervasive resistance to change that plagues our society. This problem proves most dangerous when our stubbornness to adapt allows obvious, and sometimes even easily solved, inefficiencies to persist.

Kyle Henson | How to beat the curve

For those who are unfamiliar, the curve means two things: stress and a lower GPA. Most classes with curves have exam averages that float somewhere between the high 50s and the low 60s.

Kyle Henson | Letting the college houses grow up

While Penn claims on its housing website that college houses “stand at the center of the Penn undergraduate experience … to form shared communities,” the system fundamentally fails to achieve this mission due to a lack of political and financial commitment from the administration.

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