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A community spelled P-E-N-N

Going to college is a stressful experience, a whirlwind of uncertainty. From classes to clubs to what they’re wearing in the morning or what they’re doing that night, one thing all freshmen come to realize is that they aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Phillips | Time to forget Penn basketball's flaws

This is the time of year when you suspend all the cynicism. Penn basketball takes on Yale on Friday, a matchup of young squads trying to keep the illusion of relevance up for yet another week. Each team wants a chance at turning a fling into something real.

Phillips | Five predictions more reliable than Penn basketball

I’ve seen more Penn sports than I’d like to admit in the last year (including, miraculously, covering five of Penn basketball’s nine victories since January), so I’d like to think that my look into the next semester’s worth of Penn sports will yield some strong predictions.

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