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Penn launches cloud sharing storage service

Penn Information Systems and Computing recently launched the Penn Box, a service that allows users to share files and folders from multiple devices. The service offers 20 gigabytes of storage for all active students, faculty and staff.

Van Pelt celebrates 50th birthday

On Friday, the library, which was constructed on Oct. 22, 1962, hosted a commemoration for its 50th birthday. The event looked at past and present innovations in the building, including the ongoing revamping of the Special Collections Center.

Penn professors respond to Apple vs. Samsung case

Penn professors are speculating what the smartphone market will look like after Apple’s recent lawsuit and upcoming iPhone release. The iPhone 5 was announced last Wednesday and will be available in the U.S. on Sept. 21, a little less than a month after it won $1.05 billion in damages in a tech lawsuit.

Students organize trip to Silicon Valley

This October, a group of about 15 students will travel to San Francisco to visit technology companies, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs as part Tech Trek, a trip organized by four members of Students for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Penn and the Dining Philosophers.

Venture capital firm relocates near campus

First Round Venture Capital, which has offices in San Francisco and New York, is moving its headquarters from West Conshohocken, Pa. to Philadelphia. Founded in 2004 by 1993 Wharton alumnus Josh Kopelman and former Penn professor Howard Morgan, First Round is the third-busiest venture capital firm in the nation, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Online piracy debate resumes

While Congress made several efforts to reform internet use this year, the bills have yet to pass, opening up the door to further debates over internet regulation.

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