Spring Fling 2012

04/23/12 9:10pm
Oppenheimer, who formerly served as the executive secretary of SPEC, sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian to discuss some of his goals for the year ahead.
04/18/12 12:57am
The whole weekend is built around the idea of the momentary. After all, that’s why they call it a “fling.”
04/16/12 11:36pm
From the guys at Allegro’s who served us pizza at 3 o’clock in the morning, to the accepted students who toured Penn for the very first time — we were curious about how Fling fared for those on the periphery.
04/15/12 11:32pm

Spring Fling sees 168-percent increase in incidents from last year

This year’s Spring Fling weather brought more than just increased sunshine to campus. Total crime saw a 168-percent increase from last year — from 37 incidents last year to 99 this year.
04/15/12 11:15pm
Good weather and continued traditions around campus helped students celebrate Spring Fling 2012. VIDEO: Spring Fling in the QuadGALLERY: Spring Fling 2012MORE SPRING FLING 2012
04/15/12 10:59pm

Brian Goldman | Flinging stress out of the way

Spring Fling accomplishes something that is awfully hard to find elsewhere during most of the academic year. It offers full, unbounded relief from stress and we embrace it like no other.
04/12/12 10:09pm
Fling is fun, though when it comes to logistics, it can be annoyingly complicated. You’ve got to figure out where to go, when and with whom.
04/12/12 10:02pm

Alternate flinging

While College freshman Stamati Liapis’ friends will be partying in the Quad this weekend, Liapis himself does not plan on taking part in traditional Fling activities. FLING SERIES: Part 1 FLING SERIES: Part 2 FLING SERIES: Part 3