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Guest column by Penn Democrats | A crisis on campus and beyond

We must realize that the institutional popularity of colleges and sports programs is nowhere near as important as the lives and livelihoods of the innocent women, and men, they so readily sweep under the rug. Until then, an insidious culture that protects the image of influential organizations at whatever cost will continue to prevail.

Guest column by Allie Cohen | How social media shaped my 9/11 story

Last semester I took “Communication and the Presidency," taught by David Eisenhower in the Annenberg School. A hidden gem of Penn, the course provided a stipend to fly to any Presidential Library to do research for the course’s assignment of a 30-page paper. I flew to Dallas, Texas, where I studied George W. Bush’s epideictic rhetoric in his three major post-9/11 speeches.

Guest column by Edward Scott | A call to end the ban on MSM blood donation

Since 1983, straight people have had the privilege of not needing to have an internal conversation about whether their blood is worthy. They will not have the experience of being in a student organization’s meeting where a blood drive is chosen as the next philanthropic event, knowing they cannot participate due to their sexuality.

Guest column by Rob'n Laurelli | Not a joke

My identity as a person of color - and my experiences as a former member of a low-income neighborhood - is not something that can be easily taken off like a baseball cap and sweatpants and tacky chains worn at a frat party.

Guest column by Denzel Cummings, Abrina Hyatt, Abel McDaniels, Diana Cabrera, Katherine Mateo and Dawn Androphy | More than a theme, not just a costume

As six concerned members of the Penn community who strive to foster multicultural dialogue, we find the general trend of parties that serve to culturally objectify and vilify certain groups on campus deeply concerning.

Guest column by Jonathan Paz | Enough is enough

Call it what you want — the struggle bus, the grind, hell week — it is a road to exhaustion, depression and worse. It is a road of alienation, high expectations to succeed and an unspoken pressure to not appear to fail — at anything.

Guest Column by Dylan Hewitt, Rishi Simha, Joanna Kamhi, Nicole Grabowski and Dawn Androphy | A request for respect

It sends a message to the freshmen hoping to be a part of such an organization that women are nothing more than their physique. As we know both from history and present times, it is one small leap from dehumanization to violence. That this flyer essentially depicts a woman’s butt as a prize for successful pledges only proves this point.

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