At about 2 a.m. Tuesday, a procession of students began to line up outside 3812 Walnut Street. Within a few hours, the line stretched down several blocks, obstructing three lanes of traffic.

But these students weren’t camped out for Spring Fling floor passes — they were lined up in hopes of gaining the coveted position of house cleaner for Penn President Amy Gutmann, a new work-study job posted earlier this week.

When College sophomore Alfred Pennyworth first heard about the position, he dropped what he was doing and sprinted to Gutmann’s house. The chance to serve as her house cleaner “would be an unbelievable honor,” he said.

Engineering junior Wynn Kee was equally excited by the opportunity.

“I’ve only been inside her house once for her holiday party,” he said. “I heard that all the food was prepared by her special team of house elves. I can’t wait to join them.”

Gutmann added that she is “thrilled to finally get a student house cleaner.”

“There’s still chocolate fondue on my furniture from my last party,” she said.

The process of selecting Gutmann’s house cleaner will be a long and difficult one, according to Leah Popowich, associate director for the Office of the President. After several rounds of interviews, students will have to clean Gutmann’s entire house prior to Vice President Joe Biden’s next visit.


“I expect that candidates will know what they’re doing — I’m not planning to teach anyone how to use a Swiffer mop,” Popowich added. “Let me be clear: I’m not holding anyone’s hand through this.”

Although Nursing junior Amelia B. Delia said the tasks would be a challenge, she feels that the benefits of being Gutmann’s house keeper would be worth it.

“I’m hoping Amy gives me some fashion tips,” she said. “It’s going to be hard to resist trying on her wardrobe while I’m cleaning.”

While some candidates expressed anxiety about securing the job, College freshman Jenny Ferlopez thinks she has it in the bag.

“I’m from Manhattan and I watch my maid clean up my room all the time,” she said. “Amy Gutmann’s house will be a piece of cake. I’ve heard she doesn’t even really live there.”

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