Penn has added CAAM Minor in Archaeological Science, Interdisciplinary Minor in East Central European Studies (ECES), Law and Society and Medical Sociology as minors.

Credit: Jashley Bido / The Daily Pennsylvanian

If you are looking for a new minor to add to your diploma, you might be excited to learn that Penn has added four new ones to its list of academic offerings.

CAAM Minor in Archaeological Science

Offered through a collaboration between the Penn Museum and the School of Arts & Sciences, this minor requires students to take six courses at a variety of levels. Four of the six will be CAAM (Center for Analysis of Archaeological Materials) laboratory-based classes. Students will also be required to complete an advanced archaeology course with a research component as their capstone class.

Interdisciplinary Minor in East Central European Studies (ECES)

With this minor, students will gain a better understanding of East Central Europe by studying the region’s history, languages, politics, culture and literature. This area, which includes nations such as Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary and Ukraine, is considered to be an increasingly important, strategic region on the international scale. In order to gain credit for this minor, students are required to take six classes about the region, as well as complete two semesters of a language of the region, or have demonstrated the equivalent proficiency.

Law and Society

Medical Sociology

Like Law & Society, this minor provides students with a theoretical basis in sociology and then allows them to study population health. Students will explore how cultures define an illness, as well as how societal factors can contribute to disease and wellbeing. The requirements consist of six courses: three specific courses in sociology, and three other courses from a larger list.

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