It was a rough afternoon for DPOSTM, but at least they preserved their dignity.

The Squids grinded (ground?) their way to a victory at Pottruck on Friday, pulling out an 11-4 triumph over DPOSTM (58-1)

"Cal Shirt" led the way with several points for the Squids (3-25). Riley Steele led the charge for DPOSTM with 1 point, racking up several rebounds and near-assists but failing to write the Kamin Cup recap. While Steele was a hero to those on the floor, the team's bench appeared disgruntled with the veteran out of Puerto Rico, Iowa and assorted colonies/states/countries.

"Riley shouldn't be out there," Nick Buchta said on the sidelines.

"His knee is killing him," Buchta finished, before sauntering off to go "be on the treadmill."

The game turned on a controversial play early in the first whole of the game. With momentum on DPOSTM's side after the Sports Squad had pulled to within 0-3, their rhythm was disrupted by Cal Shirt, who attempted to call a backcourt violation on Steele.

"Are you really trying to call backcourt in a pickup game?" Steele grumbled, before the call was eventually overturned.

"What a f*cking squid," Steele added after the game.

Will "Won't" Snow shook his unfortunate nickname with a solid game, putting up 1 point on 50% shooting. Tommy Rothman also put in one bucket on two tries, pulling off an in-jean-ious move to get a bucket despite squid-traitor Jacob Adler saying "I got this kid" as he closed out on "Memes" in a futile attempt to stop the inevitable swish.

Adler was flustered once more by Memes late in the game, when he lost the battle of muscle in the paint and had an entry pass tipped away by the crafty New Yorker. But "Mr Windex" would get his revenge, throwing out a brutal, uncalled elbow, charging through Rothman and putting in the winning bucket to end the game.

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